Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 38

broken-heart-blood-redWHEN THE TRUTH HURTS

Dr Agbo aided Lydia through the hallway towards the intensive wards. Her hand felt icy cold. He paused halfway and asked;

‘Are you ok? Your palms seem a bit cold.’

‘I am fine.’ Lydia replied indignantly and tried pulling the doctor to move.

Dr. Agbo didn’t budge, he looked straight into Lydia’s eyes and said;

‘You don’t seem calm and I don’t want you seeing this patient when you are disturbed.’

‘I am calm! Very calm! I need to see my daughter!’ Lydia screamed and threw her hands up in a mixture of anger and pain.

Dr. Agbo was feeling apprehensive over his decision to make Lydia see the patient. He felt she might do something wrong and harm the patient.

‘Come let’s take a seat. Please.’ Doctor Agbo urged. He wanted to speak to her awhile and see if she was fit to see a patient in intensive care.

‘I don’t want to take a seat! I have taken enough seats in the last few hours!’ Lydia screamed and broke out into tears.

‘I just want to see her…I won’t harm her…I promise.’

‘I know, I understand… Let’s take a seat so you can calm down a bit before we go and see her’ Dr. Agbo coaxed.

Lydia nodded silently and allowed herself to be led to a chair. Dr. Agbo sat beside her and asked;

‘Should I get you anything? Maybe water?’

Lydia shook her head in response.

‘Can I pray with you?’ Dr. Agbo offered.

Lydia turned to face him and offered her hands.

***  ***

‘Nothing happened. We didn’t do anything.’ Nana replied defensively.

‘You and who?’ Naa asked, puzzled at the response.

‘Just forget it. I am here now.’

Naa crossed her arms on her chest and sat back in the chair with a blank face. She felt she had just been shut out by Nana.

‘This would be the opportune time to tell me what has been happening between your sister and you. So we find a way of breaking it to your parents. I know God is in control.’ Naa said without turning.

Nana froze. Naa knew? How did she know? He had never told anyone- or had she heard him speak to himself in the room when Andrea had broken down?

‘I don….don’t know what you are talking …ta…’ Nana stuttered.

Naa remained silent, she needed to confront Nana about this. They couldn’t keep silent, all this had to stop.

‘Does your father know?’ Naa questioned.

‘Are you accusing me?!’ Nana responded in a louder sterner voice.

‘I know you are guilty about it but please…’

‘Stop right there! Just cos you are my mum’s friend doesn’t mean you can come and accuse me of….?’ Nana cut in and stopped abruptly.

‘Accuse you of?’ Naa replied and turned to face him.

‘Accuse me of nothing! I am not in the mood for this!’ He exclaimed, rose from his seat and stormed out of the OPD.

Naa let out a loud sigh, maybe she had been too harsh but she needed to get it off her chest. She needed to confront him, it wasn’t that she doubted her husband’s gift of prophecy- she just couldn’t fully come to terms with it. Sometimes it felt like everything would be fine but seeing Nana walk in through the OPD earlier made her wonder if he wasn’t the cause of the family’s present pain.

Judge not that ye not be judged. For in the same way you judge, you would be judged. You are in this family’s life to lead them to me Naa, don’t allow your emotions to cause you to lose focus. These souls need redemption. Be a true vessel.’ 

Naa heard the Holy Spirit speak audibly.

‘I am sorry Lord, I just get overwhelmed. I guess I have to apologize to Nana.’ She muttered to herself and got out of her seat to go search for him.

***  ***

‘Amen.’ Lydia replied and sighed. Dr.Agbo smiled at her and rose from the seat;

‘We can go see her now. You are fine.’

Dr. Agbo helped Lydia up and towards Andrea’s ward which wasn’t far from where they had stopped. He stood at the door and held the knob;

‘You can’t touch her for now and we can’t spend too much time inside.’

Lydia nodded eargely with teary eyes as Dr. Agbo opened the door to the ward.

She quickly placed her right hand over her mouth and allowed tears to run down her checks.

‘My baby.. ‘

‘You can come inside.’ Dr. Agbo said after a moment of watching Lydia stand still at the doorway.

Lydia walked in slowly towards Andrea whose arm and head were wrapped in bandages and surrounded by large beeping equipment. Lydia turned to Dr. Agbo and began sobbing more loudly. He pulled her into an embrace.

‘Everything is fine.’  He said.

***  ***

Nana sat on the car bonnet and stared at the gravel. He wished he could turn back the hands of  time- things would have been much different. He heard footsteps in the gravel come towards him and raised his head. Realizing it was Naa, he quickly brought his head low and continued staring at the gravel.

Naa joined him on the bonnet and softly said;

‘I am sorry.’

Nana remained silent, he kicked at one large piece of gravel and stood still after. Naa sighed loudly and continued;

‘I was wrong to come at you like that…it wasn’t right…the Holy Spirit made me realize…’

‘Yes we were involved in incest.’
To be continued…


God bless you


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