Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 37



‘Yes, your father. Is anything the matter?’ Naa repeated and asked.

‘N…o…No…’ Nana stuttered in response.

‘Has he spoken to my mum yet?’ Nana blurted out.

‘Yes, they have seen and spoken to each other. What’s wrong with you.’

Nana remained silent, processing the news in his head.

‘Hello?’ Naa asked after a moment.

‘I am coming to the hospital.’ Nana stated and ended the call. Naa seemed to be ok, he was sure his father hadn’t mentioned anything to his mum – at least not yet. it didn’t take long for him to hit the highway heading to the hospital. His mind was in overdrive, thinking up scenes of how his father would break the news to his mother and how he could prevent that.

***  ***

Naa looked at the phone for a while after Nana dropped the call. She was wondering if her mind was playing tricks on her but Nana didn’t seem totally excited by the news of his father knowing Andrea’s whereabouts. Naa exhaled loudly and got out of the car still clutching Lydia’s phone. She walked back into the OPD towards where she had left Lydia a few minutes earlier. The seat was empty.

Naa raised an eyebrow, turned to the nurses at the counter and walked up to them.

‘Have you seen the lady…the lady who was sitting here?’ Naa asked the nurses  and pointed at the seat.

‘She got up a few minutes ago..’ The nurse replied.

Naa frowned, ‘I told her to stay put.’ she said to herself under her breath.

‘Pardon?’ The nurse enquired.

‘Where is your bathroom please, maybe she is gone in that direction.’

The nurse pointed to the left while looking at Naa’s face blankly.

***  ***

While Naa was away, a doctor had walked past Lydia towards the nurses. Lydia’s attention had been pricked and she had quickly caught the doctor’s arm after he was done with the nurses.

‘You have Andrea…can I see her?’ Lydia pleaded.

Doctor Agbo had been startled by the strength in the grip and even more confused by the question the lady was asking. He could see she was in a lot of distress. He smiled, turned fully and said;

‘I dunno which patient you are referring to but please calm down, all is well.’

‘I can’t calm down, I want to see my daughter.’ Lydia cried out and covered her face with her palms.

Dr Agbo sighed, held Lydia by her hand and directed her to her previous seat.

‘Please sit down and give me more details about this patient.’

Lydia sat down and began describing Andrea. Dr Agbo raised his hand at her and she paused;

‘When was she brought in?’ he asked.

‘This morning, I heard it was a hit and run….please allow me to see her.’ she pleaded.

Dr Agbo patted her shoulder and said,

‘I will be back.’ he walked to the nurses to find out more about the patient and returned a few minutes after.

‘Follow me please.’ holding out his hand to Lydia.

***  ***

‘She isn’t in the bathroom!’ Naa screamed and walked briskly towards the nurses counter again.

‘Pardon?’ A nurse asked.

‘The lady I came with…. I left her here and stepped out but…’

‘Was she the one who sat over there?’ the nurse asked and pointed to where Lydia had been sitting.

‘Yes.’ Naa replied and nodded her head vigorously.

‘She walked off with Doctor Agbo.’

‘Who is Doctor Agbo?’ Naa asked in confusion.

‘He is one of our doctors.I think you should just take a seat there and wait for her.’ The nurses said with some form of finality.

Naa stood a while frozen to the spot before turning to go sit where Lydia had been, there was no point arguing.

***  ***

Nana had arrived at the hospitals’ parking lot minutes before but remained in the car with the engine on. He stared hard at the building and considered whether to step out or not. Finally, he sighed loudly, killed the engine, moved out of the car and walked briskly to the OPD. He stopped at the nurse’s counter and pulled out his phone to call Naa.

‘Nana,I am over here.’ Naa called out and raised her hand. She had watched him walk into the OPD.

Nana forced a smile at the nurses and moved towards Naa.

‘What exactly is happening? Where is Andrea? And my mum?’ Nana rattled out many questions at once.

Naa rubbed her temples gently before answering;

‘You sure have an uncanny way of asking questions.’

‘I am sorry…. I just..’ Nana began.

‘I heard your mum went off with one of the doctors, your sister is in intensive care and your dad…’ Naa replied.

‘My dad?’ Nana gulped hard.

Naa turned to look at Nana in the face. He was seated beside her.

‘I thought my mind was playing tricks on me when I called but you just confirmed it wasn’t. Why do you sound so apprehensive at the mention of your father’s name?’

Nana turned away and stared straight ahead, he could hear his pounding heart through his ears.

‘What happened? You can talk to me.’ Naa coaxed.

To be continued…



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