Social Media- Our Peace Platform

The elections are in three days, all eligible parties are rounding up and encouraging their supporters to vote and not just support the vision by word of mouth. For most part of the year, the peace bell has been rang and has intensified in the last two months- we all want and need peace. 
Social media seems to be our latest news agency where concoted stories are shared like wild fire. It is the platform where some simple minds who know nothing about ruling a nation go blabber and insult forgetting to honour authority. We have taken a wonderful tool and are slowly transforming it into a weapon of mass distraction all in the name of politics. 

Can we turn the tables around?

Can we use social media to promote peace?

All we need do is to season the words we type out on these platforms. The videos and audios we post must be fully investigated. 

Why post when you have no validity on what you are posting?

 It was for a reason some people raised concerns about banning social media on election day and after- they had a great longing to maintain peace. As youth may we not allow youthful exuberance to cause us to use social media as a weapon of mass distraction. If war breaks out,the youth would suffer the most, it is the youth that would actively reconstruct the Nation,it is the youth that would be wounded most, it is the youth that would have to tell their story.

Let us share the right story to the unborn generation of how when political tension rose, we ensured peace reigned by using social media.

Let’s be an example.
Proverbs 12:20

Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.

God bless you


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