Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 36



Samuel rolled his drip stand slowly across the corridor after receiving Lydia’s anxious call. Finally, he stopped behind the two ladies who were trying to describe Andrea in elaborate gestures.

Samuel cleared his throat and spoke up;


Both ladies turned around suddenly at the sound of the voice,

‘Where is my daughter?!’ Lydia said and launched at him but was held back by Naa.

‘Calm down Lydia. Can’t you see he seems to be a patient of the hospital as well?’ Naa responded and held tightly onto Lydia’s arm.

‘Hello, my name is Naa. I know we haven’t met.’ she continued and stretched out her free hand to shake Samuel’s.

‘I am Samuel.’  he grunted.

‘Sorry for your condition. You seem to be admitted here yourself.’

‘Yes, I am….I had a small emergency.’

‘Liar! You tried hurting my daughter and she got back at you! Where is my daughter!’ Lydia screamed, interrupting the conversation.

‘Calm down!’ Naa said to her friend with clenched teeth.

‘I am not calming down! I came here to find my daughter and not chit chat with this brute!’

‘Lydia!’ Naa yelled.

‘Ladies, please! This is a hospital, you cannot be doing this here!’ One nurse behind the counter exclaimed. The little commotion was causing other patients in the OPD to turn heads.

‘Take whatever squabble you have outside when you are done you can come back in and look for that patient of yours.’ The nurse continued, staring at Lydia who had turned around.

Naa sighed loudly and replied.

‘We are sorry nurses. This gentleman is here to help us identify the patient we are looking for.’ Pointing her finger at Samuel. Samuel moved closer to the counter and said;

‘The patient…The girl who was rushed in early this morning. I believe this is her mother.’ Turing his head in Lydia’s direction.

The nurse grunted and typed something into the PC.

‘That case was a hit and run, we don’t know who she is. She is in intensive care right now. According to this report, the doctor hasn’t stated she can receive any visitors yet.

Lydia let out a howl and began falling steadily to the floor but was caught in time by Naa and Samuel. Both helped her to the nearest chair so she could sit. After calming her down, Naa walked back to the counter;

‘I am sorry but can we see the doctor who is in charge of her.’ Naa asked.

‘He is in the theatre now, you will have to wait a while.’ The nurse stated.

‘How long please?’

‘About an hour and a half.’ The nurse replied.

Naa sighed loudly and thanked the nurse before moving to join her friend on the seat. Samuel stood in front of Lydia, staring at her with a sad expression on his face.  Naa sat and drew Lydia into her bosom like a little child. She assessed Samuel awhile and asked;

‘What little emergency brought you here.’

Samuel turned to look at Naa and paused.

‘I had a mild heart attack on Friday night after I left the house.’ He stated.

Naa nodded and offered him a seat beside her.

‘Come sit beside me.’

‘No, thank you… I must go back to my ward and lie down.I feel drained already.’

‘I understand, let me assist you.’ Naa coaxed.

Samuel shook his head and responded;

‘No, please stay with her.’ Samuel said and began walking away.

Naa stared at him silently and nodded her approval. She wondered what had caused the sudden heart attack and where he had been before Friday night. Lydia had said he had disappeared for a while. Naa bowed her head to pray and remembered they hadn’t called Nana to inform him about the latest developments.

‘Lydia, where is your phone?’ Naa asked.

‘It’s in the car.’

‘Can you stay here by yourself so I go get it?’

‘What do you want it for?’ Lydia questioned.

‘I have to call Nana.’

Lydia moved away from Naa so she could get out of the chair. Naa rose and  laid a gentle hand on Lydia’s shoulder.

‘I will be right back.’


***  ***

Nana’s day wasn’t going too well. Subsequent to his mother’s departure with Naa, he had paced around the house for a couple of minutes, after which he had searched each room again. Nana had called a couple of Andrea’s teachers, to ask if perchance she had reported to school. They all said she hadn’t and asked if everything was fine.

Finally, at about noon Nana had taken the car keys to his mum’s other car. He wanted to drive around the neighbourhood and beyond, maybe he and Abu had missed something on their hunt the day before. After driving slowly for about an hour and interrogating the security guards of their neighbours, he moved out of the estate. He drove a while on an almost deserted road not too far from his estate and parked under a mango tree. He had wanted to call his mum and ask how things were going.

Just as he dialled her number after switching on his phone, her call came through.

‘Hello mum, I was just about to call you.’

‘Hi, Nana… this isn’t your mum. This is Naa, her friend.

‘O, hello Auntie Naa. is everything ok with my mum?’

‘Your mum is fine, are you home?’ Naa asked over the phone.

‘No, I am out of the estate but not too far off. I went driving around- maybe we missed something on our search yesterday.’ Nana replied.

‘I see, could you drive to the military hospital?’

Nana’s heart skipped a beat.

‘I thought you said my mum was fine, how come …wait and what happened to the two of you going to the police station. I thought that was where you were.

‘Calm down boy. Please. We received a call from your father, we think we have found Andrea.

‘My father?’ Nana asked in alarm.



To be continued…


God bless you





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