10 Thoughts At 30

# I have presence and it’s obvious
It’s not physical but it’s lyrical. 

God makes me feel like Larry King;

He never asks,  He just answers. 

#When they look at you and see Steve,  they see a blind man,

But when the blind man plays the keys,  they will see a Wonder.

#A man who loses his pride dies a long time before he loses his head

#When trouble passes through like a through pass from Iniesta,  then it only gets messy

But when messy meets Mercy,  then the troubles become messages. 

#I love your hate even though you hate my love. 

I like your dislike even when you dislike my like. 

The cycle of life;  when we like the ones who like those who dislike them. 

When life is a cycle yet, it goes round and never seems to come around. 

The love i felt without deciding is now oblique 

And now i can only decide to feel for who i choose to love.

Just that it makes me oliver with a lot of unpredictable twists

And then, just when i thought i wanted more, 

I became a sad twist to oliver.

#My life is ready…. It’s left with set and then go and i will Usain Bolt.

#Anonymity is sometimes an irony, when you realise charity is stingy.

# Trust me,  It’s better to have someone whose absence leaves you with good and loving memories 

Than to have someone whose constant presence leaves you with pain and tears

# I build my life for free so i don’t mind when u call me a free Mason. 

Feel free because you are not the doctor of my life,  your diagnosis can’t be considered a prognosis.

# Everyday i wake up,  all i do is to do.

These verbs are so i can be a noun and you, my adjectives.



#V. I. M



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