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Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 35



After three hours Samuel still couldn’t shake off the feeling. He felt he knew the patient who had been rolled in while he sat waiting for the nurse to bring him the phone. The same nurse walked in a few minutes later to check up on him and record his vitals. Samuel used this as an opportunity to begin a conversation about the patient.

‘Can I please know your name?’

The nurse smiled and replied; ‘I am Serwaa.’

‘That’s nice,  I am Samuel. I came to you a few hours ago asking for a phone.’

‘You think I would have forgotten that so soon?’ she replied and laughed out loud.

‘May I ask a question?’ Samuel proceeded, ignoring her laughter.

‘Sure.’ By this time Nurse Serwaa had paused from what she was doing and was staring at Samuel in amusement.

‘You remember that patient who was whisked past me while I sat in the corridor?’

‘Yes, I do…any problem?’

‘How is she faring?’

‘I am not supposed to be giving out such information Mr Samuel.’

‘What if the information you give me can help identify her because I doubt the nurses have identified her.’

‘How did you know the patient was a female?’ Serwaa demanded.

‘Well,  I saw her…I am not blind.’ Samuel replied and snickered.

Serwaa paused a moment and thought for a while before answering.

‘Well, she has been stabilised now. That’s all I can say for now.’

‘Can I go and see her?’ Samuel asked eagerly.

‘No, you can’t. She has been stabilised but is still in intensive care.’

Samuel shifted gaze from the nurse and looked up at the ceiling. He would call Lydia once the Nurse stepped out. There was no harm in trying to find out if the patient was really their lost daughter.

***  ***  ***

‘What do you mean by the officer in charge of that didn’t come today?! You made us sit down for three hours and you are now saying this!’ Lydia bellowed at the officer behind the counter who cringed.


‘You will stutter too! Get me a damn officer so I can report this case or else!’ Lydia replied aggressively and launched at the officer who dodged.

Naa tried to calm Lydia down though she was unamused by the turn of events.

‘Let’s just go home or try another police station.’ Naa offered.

Surprisingly Lydia agreed, she turned on her heels and quickly marched out with Naa following.

After they sat in the car, Lydia began ransacking her bag in search of her phone.

‘What are you looking for?’ Naa questioned as she started the engine.

‘My phone… I need to call Nana and find if Andrea is home.’ Lydia replied and pulled out her phone.

As soon as she turned on the phone, a call came through.

‘I am really not in the mood to speak to this man!’

‘Which man?’ Naa inquired, reversing out of the office compound.

‘Samuel.’ Lydia stated bluntly and stared at the phone screen.

Naa hit the brake pedal and turned to look at her friend.

‘You need to answer that call, Lydia.’

‘Why?…He ended the call on me last night.’

‘You are not a child Lydia, you can’t behave like this. You have two children. Please answer that call.’

‘It has ended.’ Lydia replied.

‘Then call him.’

‘Naa, I don’t have time for this…my daughter is missing!’

‘I said call him.’ Naa commanded.

‘He is calling again, I will just answer.’ Lydia replied.


‘Lydia, I have been trying to reach you since morning.’ Samuel said.

‘What do you want?’ Lydia demanded. Naa furrowed her brow to show she wasn’t happy with the question or tone of voice Lydia had used.

‘I think I have found Andrea.’

‘This isn’t a time to joke Samuel.’

‘I am not joking. She is here with me at the Military Hospital.’ Samuel stated.

‘What did you do to my daughter?!’ Lydia replied and covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

‘This isn’t the time to be accusing me, just come.’ with that, Samuel ended the call.

‘What did he say?  What is wrong?’ Naa asked.

‘Let’s drive to the Military Hospital, Andrea is there.’

Without anymore questions, Naa quickly finished reversing the car and join the main road in the direction of the Military Hospital. Fortunately, it was a twenty minutes drive from the police station.

***  ***

Lydia and Naa rushed through the hospital entrance to the nurses counter making them short of breathe. The two nurses behind the counter looked at the two ladies and back at themselves before shrugging.

‘I heard my daughter is here.’ Lydia managed to say.

‘Her name please and ward number?’ One nurse asked as she positioned herself behind the computer at the left side of the counter.

‘I dunno..someone…my ex-husband called me and told me to come here.’ Lydia replied still trying to catch her breathe.

‘Please call him and ask for details. there are a lot of patients here.’

‘Yes please.’


To be continued…


God bless you











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