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Two Steps Back

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Ok, so this is me right now. I am a bit confused as to what exactly is going on in front of me so I am going to share it with you. My name is Melissa, let’s skip the extra details because I doubt we would ever meet. So yes, my name is Melissa and I happen to live with two roommates in a hostel close to my school. I think I should state here- I am a 3rd year student.
So back to what is happening in front of me that has kept me sitting on my bed and just following the perpetrator with my eyes as she turns our room upside down. I am not totally oblivious to the tantrums but this, this has been the worst so far.

Rukia, my roommate, has emptied her locker out on the floor, collapsed all our individual study tables ensuring our books also ended up on the floor, gone to the kitchen and thrown a few plastic cups around(I think she stayed away from the ceramic stuff cos she knows she would have to pay for them). Right now she is pacing back and forth and pulling at her hair.

No-Rukia isn’t insane, at least not yet. From all she is muttering I can tell she went to visit him again. Rukia has banned his name from being mentioned in the room but since you dunno her or me or any of us, permit me to use his real name so I don’t bore you sick with overusing the word ex-boyfriend. His name is Timothy, Tim for short.

Tim and Rukia broke up uhh…6 months ago? Problem is Rukia doesn’t understand how to be alone and enjoy it. Whenever she is getting close to fully healing she runs back to Tim and then messes up the whole process because we have to suffer through her tantrums and tears.


My heart skipped a beat at the mention of my name. Apparently Rukia has been trying to get my attention. She is now seated on the floor, with her legs sprawled out in front of her.

‘Do you think it’s fair?’ She asked sadly.

‘Huh?’ I am still trying to recollect my thoughts here.

‘You know, Tim and all…today when I went over to his place there was this lady cooking in his balcony.

I frown, take in a deep breath, let it out very slowly and respond.

‘You do know you and Tim have broken up right?’

‘Yes buh…’

‘Rukia, please no buts…this thing has to stop! I know we have consoled you every time you went running back into his arms but honestly no!’


‘Are you seriously going to use the ‘you don’t understand’ line on me? Please stop…just stop!’ I know I am screaming right now but I honestly need to speak some sense into Rukia’s brain.

Rukia is staring at me sheepishly, like she has been caught stealing something.

‘Look, we..’ I say and point at Ama’s bed and mine.

‘We have all had break ups and had our hearts shattered but we moved on! It hurt but we let go and embraced singlehood and now it feels like we don’t even want to leave that phase.’

Rukia is still staring at me.

‘This thing you keep doing eh…its always taking two steps back after you have moved one step forward in healing. You are just being retrogressive.

‘Its hard.’ Rukia says sadly.

‘I know it’s hard, it’s very hard and sometimes it gets worse but we will help you pull through cos when you pull through, you will become stronger- believe me.

Rukia sighs and pouts her lower lip.

So right now in my head, I am doing a victory dance cos I just literally did what Napoleon couldn’t do- I spoke sense to Rukia!

‘Come on, get up and let’s get this room back to its former state before Ama walks in.’ I say while jumping out of bed.

Are you taking two steps back?

If you are, please know you are hurting yourself more. If it didn’t work out and you are now single, be strong and pull through. It won’t kill you- it would just make you stronger.

God bless you.



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