A few days more and we will be heading to the polls to choose a president for ourselves for the next four years. Every political party is trying as much as possible to win the race to the Flagstaff house and some are hitting below the belt with some cooked up and concocted stories meant at belittling their opponents in the eyes of the masses. The game of propaganda has become the order of the day.

Propaganda as defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is

“ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also :  a public action having such an effect.”

So the aim of propaganda remains improving your popularity whiles diminishing that of your opponent. This seems to have taken root in our political structures where we must necessarily forge or find some demeaning information about our opponents to bury them in the dirt. There is nothing wrong with stating facts that have truth in it with evidence backing it, but when we begin to concoct the lies that is where the problems start.

For instance earlier this week I received a message on a group page explaining how an audio that has been sent out with derogatory remarks towards a particular tribe had been engineered by the opposing political party. Be it true or not, some of these can breed serious contention among people and end up inciting violence.

So to our political party leaders and their team, we understand your need to receive the mandate to rule this nation. However if through your actions and inactions you begin conflict in the nation, you may end up losing the opportunity to rule. Let us have the people at heart and know what information will be beneficial to the masses rather than that which would only benefit a group of people and hurt a host of others.

And to the ordinary Ghanaian out there, not every news you hear is true. Some are painstakingly forged to incite some negative emotions towards a group of people. Let us then not be quick to anger and judge people. Find out the truth about things before you take a decision. May God guide each and every one of us to choose a leader after His own heart.


God Bless You


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