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Third Time, A Charm


Charlene sat on the right hand side of the second row of pews in the cathedral. The light from the glazed glass caressed her cheeks and made evident the streams of tears pouring from her eyes. It was the third time this was happening to her and she didn’t know what to make of it.

The first was Kwame, her boyfriend of four years in the university. Everyone on campus who knew them knew they were headed straight for marriage and so it seemed till they were finally done with their study. They had obviously discussed marriage and they both seem enthused about the idea. Kwame had saved some money and Charlene had made some preparations herself for the union. Then it all began a few weeks into their National Service. They had been posted to different regions and the once sweet Kwame started growing distant. Charlene did not understand what was going on and it wasn’t till the final break up text two months later did she regret not securing their union with an engagement as suggested by Kwame before the service began. Charlene got devastated and she struggled to wrap her brain round it. She spent a whole year to recover and decided she wasn’t interested in any man in till she met Timothy.

Timothy was something else. He seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel, a real bundle of joy. He was the one who brought the spark back into her eyes and brought out a side of her she never knew was there. They had the most fun together than she had ever had in her life. Timothy was charming, spontaneous and was always bringing up the craziest ideas. What she liked about him was he never tried to get physical with her. He was the perfect gentleman and would sometimes invite her to his house to have dinner that he had prepared. They got close real fast and the next step was the family introduction. Timothy had met Charlene’s family and everything seemed fine. It was at Timothy’s end that things turned sour. The moment her surname was questioned a second time, meeting a change of face from Timothy’s mum, Charlene knew that things wouldn’t turn out well. Timothy ended things with her in the nicest way he could but this didn’t go down well with Charlene. She needed someone to heal the hurt.

Darren was the healing that she found. He was her muse, her distraction from reality. They were doing everything wrong in the book. She had let herself go. They had sex liberally and she didn’t really mind- it made her feel good and that is what mattered. Charlene did not even realize when they started talking about marriage. They had quickly made plans to ‘get hooked’ as they referred to marriage. It all seemed to be underway till Charlene paid an unexpected visit to Darren’s house. It was just a month to their wedding and she had been to the market to get ingredients to prepare his favorite meal. She quietly walked into Darren’s room and was met by a scene that almost drove her insane. He laid on the bed and had another lady laying on his chest with both of them sharing a cloth. She stormed out immediately without disturbing the scene and leaving the groceries behind. Darren realized she had walked in on him when he woke up and realized the groceries sitting on his table. He had tried reaching her but to no avail.

It was the next day and Charlene now found herself in the cathedral crying and spewing out all her hurt to God. She chastised him for not caring for her and abandoning her. She was then interrupted by an old man holding a mob with a bucket. He apologized for interrupting and explained why he had walked up to her. He told her he had been in the corner the whole time and heard her conversation with God. The old man sat down and asked Charlene to tell her story if she didn’t mind. Charlene hesitated but finally gave in when she realized the emotions were overwhelming her. She explained to the old man her ordeal and was surprised when the old man asked her purpose in life. She had no answer to that question- she didn’t know. The old man then said

“You don’t know your purpose in life and you want to get married? If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. I’m certain all these events are God’s intervention for your life. Take your time and get to know you more. Know what you were created for and then find someone who shares or compliments this purpose then you will be truly happy. Instead of crying and complaining to God, ask Him your purpose. He will be sure to answer.”

The old man pulled her in and hugged her. Charlene relaxed in his grasp- she needed it.

God bless you.


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