Love Doctor- 2


Nana Yaw’s red shot eyes read the time on his watch, it was an hour past midnight. He had worked for longer hours before but he felt unusually tired today. “Hard work pays.” a voice in his head told him. He sighed, he knew the price of hard work, he had enjoyed its worth-perhaps he was still enjoying it. The word ‘perhaps’ had to come in because he could not chase the feeling of emptiness away. It was then that his eyes caught a glimpse of her-Janet, the feeling that came with seeing her picture was a mixture of serenity and regret. Serenity because of the relaxing pleasure that it brought and regret because those smiling eyes hit him-making him realize that it’s been a while since he saw them. What in the world did he do to put out the light in her eyes, what does Janet want anyways? They are living in their dream house, they both have and enjoy their dream career- and he has supported her in her career as every good man should. What does she want?

“Love.” a steady voice replied.

” I do love her…” he whispered.

“That I don’t doubt son, what you do not have is the way to let her know.” The voice came again, frightening him.

“Who is it?” He asked wondering if he had overworked his senses.

” I am the one who asked you to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. I brought to you animals and asked that you name them. With every creation I told you what it is to do with them, but not with her. When I brought her to you, you needed not be told, because you saw her and knew…”

” That she was bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she came from man.” Nana said with understanding as the bright figure walked up to him.

” See you did not need to be told- the glory that surrounded her inspired you to speak such truth.You saw her as she was- a gift. And I don’t need to tell you how to treat a gift-because I gave you a perfect one you love.”

” I messed up…” Nana admitted.

” I know-it began when you got so into your beautiful gift that you forgot the one who gave it to you. I don’t blame you though- I made her and she is stunning really- but that is the point-I made her and I know how to keep those her eyes shinning with smiles…when you got away from me, you lost knowledge of how to love her.”

” Christ…” Nana confessed as he fell to his knees “please teach me how to love like You, teach me how to see Janet through your eyes.” He pleaded

Jesus smiled, teach Him He was-and he had already began learning the basics, that is sitting at the feet of his Master.”

To be continued….

God Bless You.

Abigail Affum


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