Brotherly Love II – Episode 33


Lydia sat up in bed, staring straight into the dark room. Her mind was replaying what Samuel had blurted out during the call and Naa’s comment about her impatience. Maybe she truly had been impatient with Samuel in all aspects and maybe her children may have gotten painfully close and she had ignored the signs but that didn’t mean they were involved in incest. Incest was a big word, an abomination, a taboo she didn’t even want to consider. 

‘Where did I go wrong?’ She said out loud and waited silently, as if pensive for an answer.

‘Please bring my daughter back in peace. I know you are there God. I accepted You as my Lord and personal Saviour just three days ago and I honestly don’t know what to say about the experience. Cos being truthful, it was after I said yes to You that all these problems began. I am not mad, I just want to talk to someone…anyone and let this burden off. I don’t understand how within such a short time everything has just turned upside down. I just don’t understand it, did I do anything wrong?…if I did please tell me…I will correct it and…and…’ She choked on the words as tears began to pour down her face.

‘Is this a punishment?! For what?! Are you making me reap all the results of my sin all at once just cos I accepted You?! Where are You?!’ She screamed and threw her pillow hard.
***  ***

Nana stood in front of his mum’s door looking intently at the door. He had been contemplating going in and telling his mum the whole truth when he heard her scream. His first instinct was to open the door and rescue her, but he held himself back and pressed his ear against the door to hear what she was screaming about. From what he heard, she seemed angry at God and was ranting at Him for making her suffer. He sighed loudly and walked back to his room, there was no use. Nana didn’t feel the need to compound his mother’s misery by coming out with the truth.
***  ***
‘How soon can I leave?’ Samuel eagerly asked Doctor Agbo, who had returned the next morning.

‘Soon…do I see some unusual eagerness as compared to what I heard just yesterday?’

Samuel refused to make eye contact.

‘Doc?’ He said after a moment of silence.

‘I spent the whole night thinking about this… Jesus thing.’

‘Yes?’ Doctor Agbo encouraged.

‘I am willing to try Him out if only He fixes my issues.’ Samuel concluded and looked straight into his Doctors eyes.

‘There is nothing too difficult for God Samuel however your decision for accepting Christ must not be based on what He can give you. The fact that you have life is a good example of the chance God is giving you to accept Him and begin a relationship with Him.’ Doctor Agbo explained.

‘You don’t understand, I have been a business man before…I still am…well..maybe…but whatever the case…I can’t totally go all out for something I haven’t tested.’ Samuel replied.

Doctor Agbo smiled slightly before replying;

‘I have a question for you.’

‘That doesn’t answer anything but you can continue

‘Are you aware of the number of people who die from sudden heart attacks like yours or get a stroke and forfeit what they normally know as life?’ Doctor Agbo continued.

‘I know it’s quite a number but how does that affect me.’

‘Samuel, I have been a doctor for close to twenty-five years and I can boldly tell you- life as you see it is a gift. Every morning you wake up healthy and fine, you need to thank God.’

‘I know all that Doctor…however I don’t get why I should give all out to Him when I don’t see how all out He has gone for me.’ 

‘Samuel, sometimes the problems we face are to nurture and shape us and not to push us to question or challenge God. They are for our own good.’ Doctor Agbo stated.

‘You are telling me a missing daughter, divorce, incest and a mild heart attack are God’s unique plan for achieving something in my life. Then let me ask…what exactly does He want to achieve in my life because I cannot see the connection between all these mishaps.’

‘You won’t see it, because you are trying to comprehend an incomprehensible God with your simple mind.’

Sighing loudly, Samuel looked away and stated sadly;

‘The past few years of my life haven’t been the best. Everytime I have trusted in something or someone, they totally disappoint me. First was my company, then my wife, my friend who transformed me into a stoway and then my children. How sure am I this Jesus guy won’t join the disappointment train that has been formed.’

‘Because He is not a man to lie and He tells us plainly to trust Him because He will never leave us nor forsake us.’

‘Will you pray with me Doctor? I know yesterday I was all angry at the mention of Jesus but today I want to know Him. If He truly holds the key to solve my many problems, lead me to Him.

Doctor Agbo smiled and touched Samuel’s hand.

‘Let’s pray.’
To be continued…



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