The Second

I wrote this for one course I took and I thought of sharing it. Today we are taking a break from #bringsingle, we would resume God willing next week though. Read and tell me what you think.

Amy could feel the excruciating pain. It seemed to sear through her body, making all her bones feel like they were being ground in preparation to be mixed with another chemical in a laboratory. She wanted to scream but felt weak. Her whole body was soaked in sweat though the air conditioner was blowing at its lowest temperature. She wished by some miracle Mike would appear and drive her to the hospital.

With much pain, she struggled to sit up well in bed and breath through her mouth-she had been taught to do that at pre-natal class. They had told her labour would be painful, but they really hadn’t conveyed the message well.

‘Amy?!’ She heard Mike call from the main door.

Her pain had subsided giving her enough strength to shout- she didn’t need to answer.

Mike came running to the bedroom. He paused at the door to try and catch his breath but didn’t last long in the position once he spotted his wife on the bed in tears.

‘O my God, Amy…isn’t it too early for labour?’ He questioned in anguish, rushing to her side to help her out of bed.

Amy kept breathing in and out from her mouth,she didn’t want to reply any questions. She didn’t want to think about why labour had began so early- thirty weeks.

‘Breathe baby…breathe…we will get through this together.’ Mike said and supported her back so she turned and sat with her feet to the ground surrounded with pillows. He doubted she would be able to make it far by walking from the way she sat. Mike remembered old granny had left one of her wheelchairs in the guest room the last time she came around. He rushed to fetch it and helped his wife to sit comfortably in it.

Quickly but gently, he pushed her to his car, thanking God all the while that he had felt an urge to come home and check on her.

Getting her into the car proved a bit difficult however adjusting the seat backwards and helping her lift her body from the wheelchair unto the car seat helped.

Mike hurriedly got into the driver’s seat and tried starting the engine of his home-used VW car yet that proved futile. Amy kept breathing hard and loud through her mouth, with her eyes shut tightly and her fist tightly clenched.

‘What the?!…’ Mike groaned in anger hitting the steering wheel hard. He didn’t understand why the car had refused to start. He had just parked it here a few minutes ago-what could have possibly gone wrong.

Turning to look at his wife who still kept taking large loud breaths, he pulled out his phone and quickly dialed for an ambulance.

Mike stretched out his hand and gently carressed Amy’s clenched fist and potruding belly- he hoped it would help calm her down but it didn’t seem to be doing the magic.

‘I am here with you Hun…please relax and keep breathing….it’s… It’s ..’

‘Why aren’t you moving Mike?…I can’t take this pain anymore….’ Amy painfully spoke out.

‘Just relax honey….we would move soon….keep breathing…’ Mike coax. His ears immediately pricked at the sound of an approaching siren.

He opened the door and struggled out of the car so he could meet the personnel of the ambulance.

‘We will take it from here sir. You can follow us by driving.’ One dark attendant stated.

‘My car is messed up… I can’t drive.’

‘Then please get a taxi…we are heading towards St. Mary’s hospital.’ The same attendant stated, rushing to shut the door so they could move.

Mike rubbed his hand across his face and let out a loud sigh. Then he dug his hands deep into his left back pocket to try and pull out his wallet but found none. He sat in the driver’s seat and tried to spark again- it worked this time round. Mike sped off to the hospital.

***  ***

‘Your baby didn’t make it Mike. There were too many complications.’ Dr. Mulber stated from behind his large wooden office desk.

Mike remained frozen in his seat. He had expected such news. Thoughts of losing his baby had crowded his mind as the driver sped to the hospital.

‘Again?’ He mumbled in pain.

‘I am sorry Mike, we couldn’t have helped with this. We asked that we quarantine her so you both wouldn’t lose the baby but you refused.’ Dr.Mulber stated sadly.

‘You need to go see her, Mike… She needs you. We haven’t told her the baby didn’t survive.’

‘You want me to tell her? Mike asked.

‘No…don’t do that please… Just give her emotional support.’ Dr. Mulber replied.

Mike slowly rose from his chair and turned to walk out of the room.

‘She is in private Ward 11.’ Dr. Mulber added.

Mike ignored him and walked. He needed to be there for Amy. Two miscarriages in two years was too much for her to take. For someone who adored those little beings, it felt like God wasn’t being fair.

Mike finally stood in front of his wife’s ward and wiped the tears that had been rolling down his cheeks as he walked to her ward.

He had to be strong for her, he needed to.

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God bless you


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