The Gullible Few


‘Tracy… Tracy… Tracy’ Tawiah shouted across the hallway. ‘I just read that this famous man of God, Bishop Tyrian, has stolen a huge sum of money from his congregation and eloped with it.’ Tracy casually opened the door to her room and walked towards Tawiah who had comfortably seated herself in the sofa in the hallway.

‘Ei Tawiah! You again? Where are you getting this information?’ Tracy asked. Tawiah pulled a frown on her face and asked Tracy what she meant by her statement. ‘Anyway it is on Facebook. You can have a look for yourself.’ Tawiah stretched her hand out to present her information. Tracy took the phone and realized Tawiah hadn’t even bothered to open the link to read about it. ‘You have seen it for yourself right?’ Tawiah inquired. Tracy, gazing into the phone, immediately shifted her head and looked at her friend from the corner of her eyes and smirked.

‘Have you accessed the link to read the article?’ Tracy asked. ‘What is there to access? The thing is plainly written there.’ Tawiah retorted. Tracy took her time to access the link and read about it. She burst into laughter when she realized the caption was totally misleading.

‘Ah! What is funny?’ Tawiah looked on concerned. ‘If you had taken your time to read you would know. It was part of a scenario he used whiles giving a sermon clearly using the word ‘assuming’ he had done that. Tawiah you tend to be too gullible sometimes.’

Tawiah placed her hands over her head and recounted how she had already gone ahead to share the post across her social media platforms with some defamatory words. Tracy explained how some people use such captions to draw people to their websites for traffic and asked that she reduces the damage done by deleting those posts where it was possible and apologize where she had to.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The above scene may not be strange to most of us. We may either be in the position of Tawiah or Tracy, spreading every news we receive without verifying or carefully searching out the truth before we do. To avoid being in a position where Tawiah found herself, let us be sure to verify the information we receive by doing a deeper search into matters before we begin to take them as truth.

In a time where we have a lot of chain messages and false news being propagated, we must strive to acquire the truth in every news. Not every pill is meant to be swallowed. Verify the source and make sure it is legitimate. Find out how many people or pages are talking about the same issue- if you find out only one person or page is carrying that story it is highly probable it may be false.

One witness shall not prevail against a man for any crime or any wrong in connection with any sin he commits; only on the testimony of two or three witnesses shall a charge be established.” Deut. 19:15 (Amplified Bible).

Treat every information as false unless proven beyond doubt that it is true. Don’t be quick to share information also- be patient. May God keep our hearts from falling prey to false information and being tagged gullible.


God bless you


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