Will The Black Stars Make It?



The Ghana Black Stars on Sunday, 13th November were involved in a classic duel with the Pharaohs of Egypt. The Black Stars were in Egypt hoping for their first win in their 2018 World Cup Qualification Campaign (WCQC). This was however not going to be the case as the Pharaohs who were hungrily seeking a revenge for a 6-1 thrashing done them in the 2014 WCQC, won the game. The Pharaohs carried the day with a 2-0 defeat of their opponents through a penalty kick and a goal from counter attack. The Black Stars had played brilliantly but failed to utilize their chances upfront. This caused a majority of Ghanaians to criticize the coach of the Black Stars, Avram Grant, insinuating the Black Stars had a better run with a local coach, Kwesi Appiah than with the foreign Coaches.

The former Attorney General of Ghana, Martin Amidu who has sworn to expose any injustices done in the payment of a judgment debt of 51.2 million Ghana Cedis to Alfred Woyome, was on Wednesday, 16th November given the go ahead to orally examine the accused by the Supreme Court. The cross-examination would take place on the 24th of November. Martin Amidu seeks to determine through his cross-examination, the expenses made with the amount from the accused. This he believes would help speed the retrieval of the said amount. Alfred Woyome was paid an amount of 51.2 million Ghana Cedis in 2010 for a role he played in the construction of stadia for the 2008 African Cup of Nations (AFCON). The matter has since then sprung up a number of legal battles with the recent one being against Martin Amidu.

In international news, President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump is still in the process of selecting the ‘Team’ with which he would be working as President. Though there seems to be a number of people dissatisfied with his election as President, most Heads of State have shown their support and willingness to work with him with the recent being the Japan Prime Minister. He stated that he has great confidence in Trump (source: BBC News).

God bless you


BBC News


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