Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 32


Silent Prayers

‘What do you mean incest? You kidnapped my daughter and you are there talking about incest?!’ Lydia screamed into the earpiece of her phone.
‘What are you talking about?’ Samuel asked with audible bewilderment.
‘Where did you even get….’ He began.
‘Don’t play dumb with me Mister? Why else would you be out of reach if you didn’t have my daughter. You just want me to suffer.’ Lydia cried out.
‘Lydia,calm down. I honestly don’t understand what you are talking about. It seems we are both on different pages. What is happening?’ Samuel asked boldly, he didn’t like being accused especially when he didn’t totally understand the situation.
‘Andrea is lost!’
‘Lost? How?…what do you mean lost. I saw her two nights ago.’ Samuel asked.
‘We have been looking for her since morning, she wasn’t in her bed and…:
‘Have you informed the police?’ Samuel cut in.
‘I can’t till twenty four hours have passed. Where is my baby? What has happened to her.’ Lydia said amidst sobs.
‘Calm down Lydia… Get a grip on yourself. Where is Nana?’ Samuel questioned.
‘Where are you? That’s what I should be asking? Where in Heaven’s name are you?!’ Lydia screamed loud,causing Naa to run out of the kitchen to the hall.
‘I told you to calm down. You need to stop jumping to conclusion quickly. I….’ The line went dead.
‘Hello?….Samuel?….Hello?’ Lydia groaned loudly and threw her phone into the couch.
‘What happened?’ Naa asked cautiously, joining Lydia in the couch.
‘He hang up on me!’ Lydia exclaimed.
‘Are you sure he did that?’ Naa asked with a frown.
‘He sounded like he was in the middle of a sentence when the call ended.’ Naa continued.
‘You have to learn how to be more patient Lydia. Call his number again and let’s see. Maybe it’s the network provider.’ Naa stated.
‘My baby…she is lost.’ Lydia responded and began crying.
‘Honestly Lydia, you wouldn’t be able to pull through this if you don’t have God and a strong man beside you. I know Samuel did wrong things in the past but I believe he is concerned about his daughter and wouldn’t treat it as a light case.’ Naa continued.
‘He ended the call on me…He is already treating it lightly Naa. Can’t you see?’ Lydia lamented and buried her head in her palms.
Naa stretched her hand out and rubbed her friend’s back gently;
‘Lydia, you need to learn to exercise more patience with your former husband. At least just this once, give him the benefit of the doubt.’

*** ***

‘Hello?’ Samuel called out and took the phone off his ear. His phone was off, he was sure his battery had died.
He tried turning it on but it wouldn’t move beyond the sign of the logo. He needed to charge the phone.
Samuel placed the phone of his chest as he lay on his back. He had intentions of asking which ever paramedic that walked in next to help charge his phone. Slowly he began to analyze the conversation he had had with Lydia. Thoughts of Andrea going missing caused a sharp pain in his chest. He pressed his palm hard against it and muttered;
‘I hope you are working at solving this God….I can’t take another blow and be expected to trust you. Find my daughter, heal my chest ache, solve this whole issue…then I will come to you.’

*** ***
Naa sat alone in the hall. She had wanted to spend the night there but changed her mind when thoughts of her husband being home alone crossed it. Sighing loudly, she rose from the couch and headed to the door. She had made sure Lydia and Nana were well fed and ensured they were asleep before stepping out. Just as she turned the doorknob she heard a voice silently say;
‘He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.’ She felt in her spirit that despite what was going on, it was part of a bigger picture just so things can work out according to God’s will.
‘Let your will be done in this home Lord.’ She prayed, stepping out of the house and heading to her car.


God bless you


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