Janet rolled her eyes at the familiar notification, she was tired and work had been so interesting she couldn’t wait for Nana Yaw to come home, she was definitely going to tell him everything. She lazily picked up her phone to check the notification-it was a message from Nana, it read, “Sorry…” she didn’t have to read further, it was one text she has grown used to. Or has she? No she clearly has not grown used to it-it still broke her heart, left her empty and lonely. These messages started coming in about the second year of their marriage when Nana was always working late and almost never spending weekends together-they always went like this, “Sorry Yaa, will not come in early tonight. Do sleep without me. Love you.”

Love? Is this how love is supposed to feel like…is this what marriage is.
Its been five years now, and many will say they are very young but then if this is all marriage is then she didnt want to grow any older-she’d rather give up.

“Love never gives up.”
Janet heard a distantly familiar voice-like a voice she used to hear when…

” When you and i held hands, laughed and loved together….”
Shock shook her-she was hearing voices, she must be cra-

“No don’t say it- don’t say that about yourself. You are not crazy and you are not hearing voices-at least today you are not….for a while now its been quite hard trying to get you to hear me through the other voices of fear,doubt, resentment…”

“Who are you?” Janet mustered courage to ask.

“Have you seen me and yet do not know? I am the hands that led you in the garden of Eden to go and meet Adam. Its a pity that you don’t remember the laughter we shared as we walked past beautiful trees, listened to birds chirping, stared at the blue sky, played with mud and sand, let the earth massage your feet….but you not remembering is what has put you in this state.”

Janets memory was running to her and her heart unstable within her, she had to ask- “How?”

The voice was quick to answer, ” You see, i showed you the beauty around you- then i went with you to the crystal clear river where i showed you the most beautiful of all worlds creation…there the river reflected you…there i made you know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. See i was the one who first praised you before Adam…i let you see your beauty and the beauty all around you before presenting you to Adam….but when you forgot this-forgot that I your Maker is thy husband…that i have called you “My joy” that i rejoice over you with singing and that i have loved with an everlasting love….when you forgot that…and began to think and see yourself as Adam saw you or made things to seem to you…that is when you lost the lustre in this marriage….that is when you lost you and how can you be in a union of two when you have lost YOU…”

Tears made their way out of her eyes as she saw the figure walk up to her….

“I am the voice that walked in the garden and asked where are you? Once again you let Adam speak and you had both gotten it wrong and i had to let you out of my garden but my prescence followed you. And i made a provision to have you back with me in a place of greater glory than the garden. That was when you met me at the cross of calvary, saw the cost of my love for you…experienced my ressurection and the ressurection of our love….that is when i gave you a new name- called you my special person, chosen, royal priesthood my very own Nation.”

Janet cried as she stared into His eyes and felt his touch, “Jesus…” she whispered
“Yesssssssss….” He responded.
That day Janet learnt a thing or two, that she’d wait on the Lord instead of her husband and she was going to keep loving Him-after all Love never gives up.

Jesus smiled as she looked upon His praying daughter…..He had to go visit Nana- the man needed to know a thing or two about how to love a woman.

To be continued…..


God Bless You

Abigail Affum



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