Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 31


The Breakdown

Naa froze a while but managed to control her emotions. She couldn’t afford to lose control when her friend was this low.
‘Nothing will happen to Andrea.’ Naa consoled and pulled Lydia into a hug. She could feel Lydia quiver.
‘Andrea!’ Lydia cried out.
‘Don’t die please…’ She pleaded.
Her heartfelt pleas brought tears to Naa’s eyes. She couldn’t imagine being where Lydia was now especially being totally shut out of her children’s lives and not knowing they were involved with each other.
‘She is fine… God is in control. Please calm down.’ Naa coaxed and rocked her friend.
‘What if she never comes back. What if…’ Lydia began.
‘Shuuush…don’t entertain such thoughts. Let’s trust God. He will never leave us nor forsake us.’ Naa responded softly.
Lydia cried harder. She felt that was all she could do at the moment.

*** *** ***

Nana stood staring blankly at the wall in his room. He had walked back and forth from his mother’s room to his in a bid to clear his head. Every time he got to his mum’s door, he pressed his ear hard against the door to hear if she was still crying. He hadn’t heard anything and presumed Auntie Naa had put her to sleep.
He exhaled slowly and loudly. Nana felt helpless.
‘Maybe I caused this…’ He addressed the wall.
‘Yes, maybe I did cause this but God if you are truly merciful bring Andrea back in peace. I promise we would stop messing around with each other, I would go to church more…just….’ Nana broke down into tears and collapsed to his knees.
‘Just bring her back! Please!’ He cried out in pain.

*** ***

Samuel struggled to open his eyes. The last he remembered was seeing the Doctor mumble something as he tried to control his pain. He winced when he tried to sit up. In pain, he stretched out his hand to pick up his old phone. He had resolved to inform Lydia of what was going on.
He turned on his phone and was about to dial  Lydia’s number when a new message notification appeared.
He ignored the icon and continued his call. After three calls with no answer, he gave up and placed the phone on the bed.
Staring at the ceiling, he questioned no one in particular;
‘Why didn’t you do anything if you were there? Why didn’t you stop my children if you were there? Why?’

*** ***

Naa was in the kitchen trying to put together a meal. She knew Lydia’s family hadn’t eaten anything and it was almost 6 pm. She placed rice in the cooker and heated the rest of the stew she had prepared the day before. Just then her phone rang;
‘Sweetheart, where are you. It’s getting late.’ Her husband asked.
‘Ama didn’t tell you?’ Naa responded with a question.
‘Ama told me you rushed off after seeing something on your phone telling her to reschedule all your meetings to God willing next week.’ Her husband answered.
‘It’s Lydia.’
‘Lydia? What went wrong with her?’
‘I honestly don’t know how to put this honey…. Cos I dunno if Andrea walked out of the house on her own accord or was kidnapped.’
‘I don’t understand what you are saying Naa.’ He husband stated.
‘Lydia’s daughter, Andrea…’ Naa tried explaining
‘We can’t find her.’

*** ***

Not long after Naa carefully walked out of the room Lydia sat up in bed. Her mind still felt groggy from all the crying and sleeping.
She remembered she had to keep trying Samuel’s number, just in case Andrea had been taken by him.
In an attempt to find her phone, she raised her pillows, got out of bed and overturned the covers, walked to her bathroom to check, searched inside her closet before moving on to check the hall. She found her phone lying peacefully at its usual spot on the center table and grabbed it.
She saw a notification on her phone indicating she had missed three calls. After unlocking her phone and finding out Samuel called, she immediately hit the redial button.

*** ***

Samuel’s train of thought was broken by the vibration of his phone beside his hand. Quickly he picked it up and checked the caller ID. Lydia was calling. Samuel stared at his phone contemplating whether to tell her immediately or wait a while. Before he could finalize his decision the call ended. Almost immediately Lydia called back. Samuel answered and blurted out.
‘Andrea and Nana are involved in incest.’


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