When I Feel Funny



When you graduate to your puberty stage things become a bit harder than before. Things you seemed not to be so bothered about before all of a sudden become key areas of concern. Your looks, your dressing, social standing and a host of other things. One area most young people are silent about is when they feel ‘funny’. Most people will prefer not to have this conversation with elderly people and may sometimes confide in their age mates who have very little knowledge about the subject themselves. So what then causes these funny feelings?

I decided not to use any references for this but rely on some little biological knowledge to explain the phenomenon. So basically it is just a form of response by the body to some external stimulus such as maybe touch or words (sound). What happens is some chemicals called hormones are released into your system which causes excitement in some centers of your body producing that ‘funny’ feeling which is basically you being aroused. Take for instance a situation where Ama is whispered some very sweet words by Kodjo. Ama upon hearing these words feels happy and if not controlled, Ama may become over happy and become aroused. In a similar light, Mawuli sits to watch a movie and chances upon a scene where a couple are involved in some deep kissing. Mawuli stays glued to the scene and upon his realization he is aroused.

Different people tend to have what may get them to that point of feeling funny but generally some form of touch in certain areas could get you to that point. There is however some general consensus drawn on what arouses a man and what arouses a woman. There is the belief that men are aroused by what they see and woman what they hear and to some extent forms truth. So to the big question for today, what do I do when I feel funny?

In our day and age people believe indulging in some form of release for it is the best option. So you find people engaging in sex and some in self-pleasure (masturbation). People would argue that it is not a sin to indulge in such acts, pre-marital sex, masturbation and the acts they consider less harmful, dry-humping, fondling to name a few. For the latter in their mind they believe once there is no form of penetration there is no fault. I would take a Biblical standpoint to defend my stance on this issue and let’s kindly note that what God says is what is and He doesn’t go back on it. So kindly note that His teachings and commands are not toned down to suit our times only that grace abounds.

Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5:27-28 that even looking lustfully upon someone already means you have committed adultery in your heart. So for those who seek self-pleasure it has gone beyond the heart and become physical with the image of a person in their head to fuel the act. Taking the following Bible references, Matthew 15:19, 1 Corinthians 6:9-18, we come to realize fornication and adultery are all sins that God detests. There is therefore no justification biblically for engaging in sexual acts to ease your feeling. It is reserved only for those who are married and recognized as so by the public and by God.

What then is there to do when those feelings come around? I remember being younger and growing up there used to be a lot of ads on these and the advice they gave was to indulge in a hobby or a sport. Truth of the matter is these things tend to come up when we are idle, alone or with someone in solitude. The best thing to do then is to find yourself with friends who will keep you company, avoid the situations and things that bring up that feeling and when it is becoming unbearable speak to an elderly person, they have been through it before and may offer the best advice. Remember God will not put you through anything you can’t overcome, pray when the need be. Just like you would like to avoid scratching an itch on certain parts of the body in public, control yourselves till the right avenue presents itself in marriage (self-control is a fruit of the Spirit).


God Bless You


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