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Kwame drummed his hands on the table in frustration. He didn’t like the fact that his two friends didn’t seem to agree with his point of view concerning his chosen political party. He had tried countless times to make them understand yet it had proven futile.

‘You guys need to vote for my party. Look at how they plan on bringing development. How can you not just see and vote for them?!’ He exclaimed.

‘Chale Kwame, forget….you haven’t convinced us enough.’

‘How else do you want me to convince you guys? You should read my party’s manifesto and know!’ Kwame stated a little louder than before.

‘O….is it a fight? Why are you raising your voice?’ Kojo asked.

‘I just can’t understand why you won’t vote!’ Kwame asked as he threw his hands in the air.

‘We all have different opinions Kay… You can’t force someone to vote for your party.’ Amu interjected.


‘You need to learn to accept and tolerate other people’s views in spite of how it may sound in your ear.’ Kojo continued.

***  ***

It’s another Sunday and we continue with our peace series. Like Kwame, many of us may sometimes get frustrated by some political decisions of our families and friends however we mustn’t let frustration cloud our mind from making good judgement. 

An old cliché says, opinions are like noses-everyone owns one yet the sizes and colours differ. 

In the same way, not everyone would agree with your political choice yet that doesn’t give you an opening to cause a fight or quarrel. We must learn to tolerate each other in order to live peacefully and amicably. Granted, some people really do not make tolerance easy but always remember for a quarrel to begin, we need two people. No quarrel, fight or war ever occurred with one person acting as both defensive and offensive. Learn to tolerate the views of others and help maintain peace in Ghana.

Some may argue that everyone’s level of tolerance has a threshold, when exceeded hell breaks loose. Before you allow hell to break out, pause and ask yourself if it’s all worth it? How would the whole scenario turn out if you tolerate their opinion and walk off just so they won’t aggravate you anymore.

Peace isn’t a drug we can mete out to everyone, it’s a holistic decision we must take. Decide to Tolerate for peace sake.

God bless you.


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