Love Starved

Sally stared at the icon on the right corner of the page that showed she had received over two hundred messages from her followers. She grinned and moved her cursor to open the icon. 

For a long time Sally had always wanted acceptance yet no one noticed nor gave. Born out of wedlock, she never felt loved by her parents. In the beginning, Sally had always been the withdrawn girl in all her classes- never answering questions in class, never getting too attached and offering very minimal information about her family and life. She had preferred to be invisible as she felt treated exactly that way at home by both mum and dad. Sally had allowed their unseasoned words to shape her young teenage life before secondary school. She had always been described as the fool, the mistake and the distraction by her mum. Occasionally her mum showed her love and showered her with expensive gifts from unknown sources however these didn’t mend the wound she had caused in Sally’s life. Her father preferred to have her as far away as possible because her step mum disagreed with Sally and the whole concept of a step child.

Sally had thought she would sail through senior High school as silently as junior high but that wasn’t the case. Right from the first day of school, her seniors and mates had described her as the fair girl with dimples and a nice shape. This made Sally conscious of her body and face. She had never seen herself as beautiful yet she was now described as beautiful and shapely. It didn’t take long for Sally to begin opening up and finding refuge in her body and face. Slowly she built a reputation from the number of men and boys around her. This transcended to university where she allowed herself to be pampered with cars, shoes, clothes and everything else a lady could desire. 

One cloudy day, after spending half the day in bed she had decided to amuse herself by creating a Facebook page and putting up almost nude images of herself. She hadn’t paid much attention to the page till a week after when out of boredom she visited the page. She arched an eyebrow when she realized her page had received more than a thousand likes in just a week. Before long, she had all sorts of images and videos of herself online, she loved the attention and the praise.

***  ***

Sally had read a couple of the messages and was scanning through the rest when she chanced on one. The name didn’t look familiar and she didn’t know what exactly drew her to open it but she did. 

Dear Sally,

I hope you do find this message in your messages and I pray you continue to read it. I happened to be on Facebook two nights ago when Facebook suggested you as a friend. A combination of your intriguing profile picture and curiosity led me to open your profile and snoop around. Your Facebook profile led me to your Facebook page and I was a bit shocked. I was disgusted and disappointed but just as I was about to leave your page I felt a nudge from my friend the Holy Spirit. He asked me not to judge you and he asked that I write this to you. I don’t know if you have heard of Jesus but I am here to tell you he loves you. The Holy Spirit reminded me of how I used to live almost like you. I may not have shown it on Facebook or social media but I had many men in my life because I wanted to feel loved- something I hadn’t known or felt much of while I grew up.

Noone may show you love but Jesus does love you and He came down to die for you and laid his life that you might be redeemed. What happens when you grow old and your face and body don’t look as good as now. What happens when you die? Truth is old age isn’t guaranteed because death can snatch you at anytime. And what happens after death? Where would you spend eternity? Would you still be flaunting your beautiful body and face?

Jesus loves you Sally. This may not be a conventional way of telling someone about Christ but I felt so impressed in my heart to do this. Maybe this might be when you finally accept Him or might just be a seed which would lead to your final acceptance. Whatever the case- Jesus loves you.


Sally remained frozen after reading the message. It wasn’t the length or the words- it was something beyond that. The letter had removed the veil and uncovered the decaying wound she had hidden for so long. She read the letter a second time, then a third time before finally typing out a reply in tears.

‘How do I accept Him. I want someone to love me too.’

Lately we are flooded with many items from social media and the internet. What we do not realize is we can use this as a tool to spread Christ. I chanced on a Facebook profile which was similar to Sally’s a few weeks ago. I didn’t write a letter to the owner of the profile but it had me thinking deep. The world needs God’s love- share that love regardless of the place or circumstance. It might be someone’s only chance or worse, last chance to accept Christ.

God bless you



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