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Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 30

Dr. Agbo blinked hard at the answer. He couldn’t believe his ears.

‘Yes Doctor, sex.’ Samuel repeated nonchalantly to create emphasis. The Doctor paused for a while,cleared his throat as if to speak but remained silent.

‘I know you are as shocked as I was when I walked in on them. I wondered whether I was the cause and most likely I am. If I had been around I am sure all this wouldn’t have happened.’ Samuel continued.

Doctor Agbo remained silent, processing all he had heard. It all felt surreal. Incest had never been a thing that crossed his mind, it had always been an abomination and would continue to be so. He was at a loss for words and didn’t know what exactly to say to console Samuel.

‘God is in control.’ Dr. Agbo said quietly after a while.

‘God? God doesn’t want anything to do with my family- that I am very sure of.’ Samuel replied sarcastically.

‘Though our sins are as scarlet, he shall make them as white as snow.’ Dr. Agbo said.

‘Dr. this is beyond sin, it’s an abomination! Who forgives an abomination?!’

‘God does.’

***  ***  ***

Naa watched as Lydia’s chest rose and fell. She shook her head sadly and recounted how she had walked into the compound to find Lydia weeping and her disoriented son. Naa had rushed to Lydia’s side and had helped calm her down before taking her into the house to her room.

She had tried praying and interceeding for her friend but words had failed her and her heart felt too heavy.

‘Father, take control. You know that’s all I can say right now with my heavy heart. Help us. Help them. Let your light shine in this darkness for I know the darkness would not comprehend. Show yourself strong and mighty. Please.’

***  ***  ***

Nana sat in bed tapping his left foot on the floor. His mind raced with thoughts of where Andrea could be and who to call and enquire. Maybe she had slipped off to see one of his friends. Though it sounded absurd that Andrea would do such a thing, he picked up the phone and searched for Slick’s number. Andrea knew Slick, maybe she had passed by.


‘Yoooo! Bro wassup?’ Slick replied enthusiastically.

‘Chale…you see my sisto?’ Nana asked quickly, ignoring any other pleasantries.

‘O….so you dey? You no go ask how I am sef.’

‘It’s urgent. Answer please.’

‘What exactly would I be doing with your sister on a Sunday morning? Sunday be for God o. At least till 12 noon.’

‘So you haven’t seen her?’ Nana asked.

‘Ah…did you just hear me?’ Slick asked.

‘Ok…thank you. Bye.’ Nana ended the call.

He hadn’t expected Slick to know her whereabouts but he needed to clear all doubts and be totally certain.

Slick tried calling back but Nana ignored the call. 
***  ***  ***

Samuel struggled to snicker and looked up to the doctor’s face. He had tried avoiding Dr. Agbo’s face as he narrated his story.

‘God forgives sins not abominations. At least I know that.’ 

‘What is an abomination? Is it not a grievous sin that society considers disgusting?’ Dr. Agbo asked

‘Well…maybe… But…’

‘There is no sin great that God cannot forgive. That’s why he sent his only son Jesus to come die for us on the…’

‘Please don’t start this Jesus talk with me, not now. Where was Jesus when my children began habouring thoughts of sleeping together? Where was this Jesus when I lost my job through no fault of mine? Where was this Jesus when my wife divorced…’ Samuel cut in sharply.

‘He was right there.’ Dr. Agbo stated.

‘Really? Right there? And he didn’t consider my situation worth saving?’ Samuel painfully asked.

‘His ways are not our ways.’

‘Don’t tell me that nonsense! How can his ways not be my ways?!’ Samuel lamented with a raised voice and pressed his hand hard against his chest.

‘Maybe…just maybe..’ Samuel continued but began groaning.

Dr. Agbo Rose quickly from his chair and began attending to Samuel. He was close to having another attack.

‘Father, water this seed that has been planted. Speak to him Lord.’ Dr. Agbo prayed while he worked on stabilizing Samuel.
***  ***  ***

Lydia woke up with a start, panting and sweating profusely. Naa had dozed off beside but woke up quickly with the sudden movement of her friend.

‘What is wrong?’ 

‘I had a dream.’ Lydia stated sadly.

‘What about?’ Naa gingerly asked.

‘Andrea died.’

To be continued…

God bless you


9 thoughts on “Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 30

      1. Owww. Quite a number of questions. Chief being that only God is able to keep us from doing so called “abominable” things.
        And priorities which are misplaced always have a way of biting back


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