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The Cry Of A Fallen Christian

Show me Your face

Fill up the space

My world needs You right now

I can’t escape being afraid

Fill me with You right now

My world needs You right now

For I ran the race, but my way. I went my way and I strayed from You Oh Lord. Today, I’m the prodigal child. This is my cry, as I look back and again forward for hope.

Swayed by the world and it’s ephemeral beauty, I found myself heading down south.  Not a clue, how the sound away from the north was everything but pleasing.

Storms shielded by lust, sorrows by worse.  Imminent as I tread on ice, an inevitable fall. Masks being taken off and fates of doom being opened.

A world beater, slowly becoming a ‘self  eater’. A giant Goliath, now a stone in my face. Down as I go as David helps me to my demise. Finally, my dug hole. A journey to the dark…. Where is the light? Where is my hope? That’s my story.

But then, there’s a truth! A truth about love. A love unconditional.  Love filled with light. Rushing into the dark… Into the dark to breath life; life into me. Would I stand for it or take a deeper dive into the dark side. There is a choice. Light or doom. Joy or sorrow. In the end my, my desire is to be fulfilled. To fill this emptiness. The darkness doesn’t promise that, but light presents it. I’m on my knees, ready to be refilled. 

This is my cry!

Only You can afford me!

Only You can calm my storms when I call on Your name

Only You are willing to accept me back into Your loving arms even when I have strayed.

Fill this emptiness created by this world Lord.

My world needs You.

Written by: Deborah Agyei


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