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Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 29


Dr. Agbo looked at his watch and at Samuel. His shift had ended and he was supposed to be heading home to get ready for church with the family. He was torn between sitting and talking to Samuel and going home. He knew Samuel needed someone to talk with and to. Settling for the former, he walked to the ward door and shut it. Then he drew the plastic chair at one corner of the ward to the bedside and sat.

‘Why do you doubt you have a family?’ Dr. Agbo asked.

Samuel was a bit startled at the question because he had been staring at the ceiling thinking hard- he thought the doctor had long walked out.

‘I don’t know how to answer that.’ Samuel stated.

‘Ok….let’s start from somewhere, anywhere…I am willing to listen.’ Dr. Agbo coaxed.

Samuel paused, exhaled slowly and asked;

‘Who else is a man to blame when his two children are involved in an abominable act to the ignorance of his ex-wife.’

Dr. Agbo was a bit confused because it felt like his patient was speaking ambiguously.

‘What exactly has been going on?’ 
***  ***  ***

Lydia kept pacing around the house and trying to bite her acrylic nails. She had tried contacting Samuel over and over again yet the same operator repeated the same message. The situation was no different when she tried calling Naa.

Lydia had walked in and out of Andrea’s room countless times, shouting her name and turning the room upside down.

She looked at the time on her phone and began dialing Nana’s number. They had kept too long outside, she couldn’t bare losing her two kids in just a day. Just as she was about to hit the call button, she heard the main gate being unlocked. Lydia quickly run out of the house and watched as Nana slowly drove the car into the compound.

‘Did you find her?’ She shouted from where she stood and hugged herself tightly.

Abu and Nana slowly got out of the car and shook their head.

Lydia froze, distorted her face in pain and began crying like a baby.

‘My baby….where is my baby?’ She said in between sobs.

Abu and Nana rushed to help her before she fell to the floor.

‘Mum, we will find her…please… Don’t do this…let’s go inside so you sit down.’ Nana pleaded 

‘Madam, please let’s go inside. We would find your daughter.’ Abu echoed.

Lydia cried harder, ignoring their pleas.
***  ***  ***

‘Lady Pastor, a particular contact of yours has been calling incessantly but you have warned us countless times to avoid answering your calls till after service.’ Ama, a protocol team member said.

Naa furrowed her brow in wonder. Who could be calling her so many times on a Sunday morning? Church service had just ended and she had spoken to a few members as they filed out.

‘May I have the phone?’ Naa asked.

Ama handed the phone to her and began reading out Naa’s schedule for the rest of the day.

‘You have a counselling session in a few minutes after that you have a meeting with the youth executive board and…’ Ama began.

Naa looked at the number of missed calls on her phone from Lydia and rose from her seat with a start.

‘Cancel…no move all of them to God Willing next week Sunday or Saturday… I have to go right now.’  Naa said while picking her bag in haste.

‘But the ….’ Ama tried speaking.

‘Please Ama, no but’s …I have to leave.’ With that Naa rushed out of the office. Lydia had called more than 20 times- something was definitely wrong.

She sighed when she remembered how her husband had told her what the dream meant the night before. How had things become so messed up in Lydia’s house?

***  ***

Dr. Agbo felt a mixture of emotions as he listened to Samuel narrate his story. Halfway through he began to silently speak in tongues- it was good he had stayed.

‘The last I remember is walking in on my children in bed and being thrown out of the house before I could confide in their mum.’ Samuel ended.

‘Pardon? Your children were asleep you mean?’ Dr. Agbo asked after the last statement.

‘No Doctor, they were having sex.’

To be continued….


God bless you


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