Get Facts Right

An election year usually means two things to die-hard patrons and supporters of individual political parties- we follow, we ridicule.
Ridicule might be a strong word but in truth we can’t lie. 

A number of us have ridiculed other opposing parties because we have ‘heard’ that they did so and so wrong and could have done it this way and that way better. Sometimes we do not fully understand how exactly the other party has erred but because we want to go all out for our parties, we quickly accept the supposed facts about the situation from our party members and in turn help promote it to others.

Let’s make this simpler by taking an example from an extended family setting. Mr. Asare’s nuclear family lives in a family house but they prefer to keep their issues to themselves meaning no one really knows what exactly happens in the family behind the many smiles. Mr. Asare loses his job and things begin to get a bit hard at home so the children are fed once a day-he and his wife sometimes do not get an opportunity to the once-a-day meal scheme. Extended family members begin to snort and make comments about how the Asare children look malnourished. An ‘expert’ of an Auntie concludes that their father is being stingy because he wants to complete his house at the outskirts of the town and move out. So she feeds the other family members this supposed truth and they grow fat on it. These family members do not miss out on throwing insults at Mr. Asare anytime they see him.

For the sake of avoiding any political conflict or stirring political unrest I resorted to using a far fetched scenario to explain my post. Mr. Asare and his nuclear family can constitute party A and the extended family would be party B. Party B members led by our honourable Auntie didn’t bother verifying the flag bearer-Auntie’s- claim before throwing insults. This is what usually happens in most political atmospheres, we feed on what we have been told. The Bible encourages us to be quick to hear, but in your quickness verify supposed facts before you decide to spread the word. Fully analyze any political party you want to vote for, pray and ask yourself if this party is worth their salt. Before you step out to ridicule, research, analyze and speak with carefully chosen words. Remember you own a gun and bullets and could unintentionally start a war.

God bless you



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