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Countdown Still On

With 32 days to the polls in Ghana, it is no wonder disqualified parties are at the heels of the Electoral Commission. Using the High Court as a mediator, they have sought a reversal of the EC’s decision to kick them out of the race. It began with Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum and today Hassan Ayariga’s disqualification has been reversed by the High Court.

However, the EC headed by Charlotte Osei is relentless and as a sign of showing how firm their initial decision was, have challenged Dr. Ndoum’s reversal at a higher court. It would not come as a surprise if Hassan Ayariga’s reversal is met with a challenge from the EC at a higher court as well.

In News from other parts of Africa, Liberia may just be facing a technological crisis as there have been hack attacks on some parts of the country’s internet access. Recurrent attacks flooded the cable links with data making internet access slow and intermittent. Users of Internet in parts of Liberia are not enthused by this and some Liberia Heads believe this can seriously impact the national system.

Away from Ghana and Africa, America has a few days to decide who to govern them- Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. The former may not be revered as much by many yet statements have been made by a number of people indicating they would not be surprised if Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States of America.


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