Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 28


Lydia looked at her son’s face in confusion.

‘What do you mean you can’t find her?’ She asked while tightening her night robe well.

‘I wanted to check up on her this morning….. To see if she was any better but…the door was opened and she wasn’t in bed.’ Nana replied.

‘Where else could she be th…..Andrea!’ Lydia began and cut in to scream her daughter’s name. She paused to hear a response but none came.

Hurriedly, she pushed her son aside and rushed to her daughter’s room.

‘Andrea! Andrea! Where are you?!’ She kept calling out as she checked under the duvet, inside Andrea’s wardrobe, under the bed and in her bathroom.

‘Have you checked the kitchen?’

She turned to ask her son who stood in the doorway in shock.

He bolted towards the kitchen without answering his mum- he hadn’t checked there yet.

‘Andrea?!’ He screamed from the kitchen.

‘Have you found her?’ Lydia asked in anguish and moved quickly to the kitchen.

Andrea wasn’t in the kitchen either- where could she be. She turned to her son and asked;

‘Did your father come home last night? After I left to my room?’ Lydia questioned her son

‘Not that I know of…Andrea didn’t come out of her room yesterday… Remember?’ Nana replied.

‘ I know… What if…go get me my phone…I am going to ask Abu if he has seen her.’  

‘Abu!’ She began calling, right from the kitchen through the hall to the compound.

‘Madam!’ Abu responded groggily. Lydia had awoken him and he wasn’t excited.

‘Abu wake up!….where is Andrea?’ Lydia asked sternly.

Abu rubbed his eyes and yawned. He had spent the night on the bench in front of his small room beside the gate.

‘Madam please I don’t under….’ He began.

‘Where is my daughter?! We can’t find her in the house, we have searched everywhere!’ Lydia cut in angrily.

‘Please calm down’ Abu replied, getting up from the bench. His madam seemed to be in a foul mood this morning.

‘I haven’t seen her Ma’am…I have been here all night….no one has come in or gone out apart from your friend who drove out last night.’ He replied, stuttering a bit. 

Nana had joined his mum as she questioned the gateman. He held her phone and waited for her to ask for it. His mind was unsettled- where could Andrea have gone to? And why hadn’t Abu seen her slip away? Or had she jumped the wall?

‘You are not answering my question Abu! Where is Andrea?!’ Lydia asked impatiently. Without waiting for an answer,she turned and snatched the phone from Nana’s hand. Startling him in the process as he was absent minded.

She tried calling Samuel but again she was informed the phone wasnt available. She tapped her feet in frustration and bit her lower lip.

‘What is all this eh!’ She exclaimed and tried Naa’s number.

After three tries with no answer, she reasoned Naa was busy getting ready for church.

‘Search around the house. I don’t think she’s gone too far.’ Lydia commanded.
***  ***  ***
‘We will need to keep you here for a while so we can monitor you.’ Dr. Agbo stated.

Samuel stared at his face without a response- he was oblivious to what seemed to be going on around him. His heart was broken and he felt the brokenness had been translated to a physical heart attack.

‘Did you hear me?’ Dr. Agbo asked, looking into his patients face. He could feel this elderly man wasn’t at peace. He noticed a tear drop from the corner of the man’s left eye.

‘Is anything the matter Sir?’ Dr. Agbo asked and stretched out his hand to touch Samuel’s left hand which had a drip connected to it.

‘Can we have the contact of any family member so we call them and inform them about your present condition?’ He continued.

Samuel refused to respond to any of the Doctor’s questions or statements.

Dr. Agbo kept looking at his patient’s face in hope for a response but got none. Just as he was about to give and walk out, he heard Samuel speak.

‘I doubt I have a family Doctor…I have destroyed everything.’
***  ***
‘Did you find her?’ Lydia asked. She was at the verge of tears.

‘No mummy.’

‘No Madam.’

‘I have to report this to the police.’ She said in anguish.

‘No mum….it’s not yet 24 hours. Maybe she stepped out.Let’s wait a while.’ Nana said, trying to calm the whole situation.

‘What could she have gone out to buy at this time?… And from where?… It’s too early to…’ Lydia began.

‘Madam, let’s take one of your cars and drive slowly through the neighborhood, we might find her.’ Abu stated.

Lydia nodded numbly- she seemed to be losing her strength.

To be continued…

God bless you.


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