A Relationship or A Contract?

Imagine you get a partner 

And all that person does is ask for stuff from you

And also does stuff for you

But is shut off completely from you

He or she doesn’t want to talk to you

Or share experiences with you

Just gives and takes from you

You would feel unfulfilled


It won’t be enough for you

A relationship is supposed to be more than that

It’s supposed to be a friendship

A partnership

You’re supposed to spend time together

Laugh together, grow together

If you are in a good relationship you know what I’m talking about

Your day becomes much brighter when you hear from that person

And you can’t seem to get enough of that person

Naturally, you wouldn’t want this to be one sided

You’d want the person to feel the same way you do

To want to spend quality time with you

To want to know about you

And that’s just how it is

Yet here we are 

As Christians

We only ask for stuff from God

And do stuff for Him

Yes, we sing in church, we usher

We dance, we preach, we act dramas

If for nothing at all, at least we attend church

But we forget about the most important part


God doesn’t just want to do things for us

And for us to do things for Him

He wants a relationship

He wants to talk to us, and for us to talk to Him

To spend time with us and for us to spend time with Him

For our days to light up when we hear from Him 

He wants us to be friends with Him

For us to come to Him, talking about anything and everything

He is not just our supplier

And we are not just His workers

We are His children

And He is our father

He wants a relationship

And we should want that too

It’s not a give and take situation between us and God

It’s a relationship, not a contract.

Written by: Suezette Hooper

Visit her blog for more inspirational works like these at;



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