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Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 27


Naa turned the steering wheel so her car moved towards the edge of the road. She wanted to park and think and maybe pray. Everything felt too heavy for her spirit man. Just as she turned the ignition off, she heard the muffled familiar ringtone from her phone, indicating her husband was calling. Sighing she stretched her hand out and picked her bag from the passenger seat to search for her phone- she would have loved to be alone just for a few minutes.

‘Hello baby?’

‘Hi sweetheart, I am sorry for not contacting you earlier.’ Naa replied.

Her husband paused and asked;

‘Naa, is everything alright?…. I haven’t been feeling right in my spirit since you left home and right now your voice sounds strained.’

‘I am on my way home- we need to pray honey. Things are just getting out of hand with Lydia.’ Naa replied

‘Sure…how far out are you?’ Her husband enquired.

‘Probably an hour, depending on how bad traffic is.’ 

‘Will be waiting for you,drive safely ok.’

‘Yes sweetheart, I will.’
***  ***  ***
Lydia sat staring blankly at the wall where her dressing mirror had been attached. Her shoulders were slumped and her back slightly bent over. Her mind was in another world- she still didn’t understand what had happened this morning with Andrea. She knew she had raved and ranted and later cried on Naa’s shoulders blaming Samuel all the while but deep within she felt there was more to this than her eyes or mind had grasped so far- it felt like there were missing pieces in the puzzle. How could Andrea flare up just after seeing her father? Did he try touching her in unholy ways? Lydia’s mind went back to the night before as she tried to remember what exactly her children had been doing when she walked in on Samuel crying. They had been huddled at one end of the bed.

Her hands shook when she tried recreating the scene in her head. Maybe Samuel had tried raping Andrea and Nana had come in to rescue his younger sister. But why had Samuel been crying, Lydia reasoned. She stretched out her left hand and picked up her phone which lay beside her on the bed.

Lydia felt the need to ask her former husband what he had seen or done- maybe that would help understand Andrea better.

She dialed his number and brought the phone close to her ear but grunted sharply when the recorded voice told her Samuel’s phone was out of coverage area.

‘Great, he has vanished again.’
***  ***
‘Something is very wrong in that house sweetheart. I just wasn’t feeling right in my spirit as soon as I stepped foot in the house. And what makes it even more puzzling is the fact that I had a dream about Lydia’s daughter and son last night.’

Naa said as she stared at her image in her dressing mirror.

Husband and wife were supposed to be getting ready for bed as service was beginning early the next day.

Naa’s husband walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders,he knew how worried his wife was about her friend.

‘Come let’s hold hands and pray darling. There is nothing too big for our Lord.’ He said.

Naa nodded and rose from her seat to join him.
***  ***
Nana was on his back in his bed staring at the ceiling. He was deep in thought wondering what had brought them to this point. He had barely had a good night sleep since his mind kept alternating between Andrea’s break down and their dad catching them. Was he to blame? Should he have been stronger to resist Andrea from the very beginning. 

‘I don’t think it’s my fault. If dad had not left everything would have been fine and mum wouldn’t have to work so hard. And I didn’t start this anyway. Andrea came on to me- I’m only human.’ He said out loud to himself.

His mind strayed to his sister and his heart sank. He had never seen her act that way before. He got out of bed to check up on her and try and comfort her.

Getting to her bedroom, he found the bedroom door ajar.
***  ***
Lydia heard loud rasps on her bedroom door early the next morning and was in no way amused. She had planned to take the children along with her to church and hadn’t expected to be rudely woken up at dawn.

‘Who is it and what is it?!’ She screamed from her bed while struggling out.

‘Mum, please come out quickly!’ Nana exclaimed from behind the door.

‘Nana?…what is it?…’ Lydia asked struggling to wear her bedroom slippers and walk to unlock her door.

‘Andrea isn’t in bed and I can’t find her!’ Nana blurted out as soon as his mum opened her door.
To be continued….


God bless you


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