flirtFlirting I believe we all, at one point or the other, have found ourselves indulged in. Be it for the purpose of bribery or just for the mere fun it brings, we all may have our reasons for indulging in the art of flirting. What then is flirting?

I looked up the meaning from an old dictionary back at home. Ironically it has New Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus on its cover- guess it was new in its time. I pulled a couple of definitions that I believe were best suited for this topic from it. It defined flirt as; to show amorous interest without any depth of feeling or to take superficial or half-serious interest.

The other definition I pulled was from Wiktionary which says to play at courtship; to talk with teasing affection, to insinuate sexual attraction in a playful way. And that wraps up my definitions for which I will base today’s post.

So as I mentioned earlier, everybody has their reason for flirting. Someone may be seeking to avoid a long queue at a venue and so may try to flirt with the attendant in charge just to skip the line. Another may indulge in it just to get out of a situation such as a traffic stop by an officer. Some of these are not necessarily harmful. They may be just a one-time thing and it’s done. However some people have other reasons for which they engage in the act which may either be harmful to them or to the recipient of the act. Let’s consider a few scenarios.

Jerry is a young gentleman who has a girlfriend. He claims to love his girlfriend but is however still talking to a couple of his old girlfriends who have an emotional attachment to him. Jerry is not just having normal conversations with all these ladies but enjoying emotional flirtations with them. He has been confronted a number of times by his girlfriend but he always tells her she is just acting jealous. Is she? Jerry is only trying to feed his ego by knowing all the ladies are still emotionally attached to him.

Trina is a single lady who doesn’t want to be lonely and she is not ready to be attached either. Trina however talks to a lot of guys who are interested in her and with the wrong motives too. She doesn’t want to be lonely and would engage in any form of conversations just to keep these guys around.

Then there is Afia who flirts with people for the purpose of control, to have people bend to her will whenever she asks. And Kofi who indulges in flirtatious acts with his lady boss in order to secure a promotion in the firm he is working for.

Truth is most people may not realize the dangers that are involved in flirting. They are only interested in the fun it brings. Indeed it is nice to know you can maneuver your way with your sweet tongue but for how long? And what if everything begins to turn on you? You are in no way interested in this person but your playful mindset would not want you to stop either.

Most people are of the view that it is innocent fun. There is nothing innocent about continually flirting with someone. From the definition we realize it may be just a halfhearted commitment and the Bible clearly warns us against that. If you are committing to something do it full heartedly, you are either hot or cold. Don’t go being a lukewarm person, you will be spewed out at some point.

Remember that commitment breeds commitment and faithfulness also breeds faithfulness. You actually sow what you reap so make sure not to set a foundation or sow a seed which’s benefit you would not be proud of in the future. Let God guide our hearts.


God bless you.


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