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I Pause, I Praise


Dear God,

I must say I have not been fair to You considering I have not come to say thank you for the many wonderful things I have going on for me in my life. The last time we spoke I was on bended knees almost in tears for that one thorn that kept punching a hole in the bubble of greatness You had placed me in. But like many others the story is very similar.

The occasional “thanks-giver” is only reminded of You when things are going just right and so he mumbles a few words in appreciation for the moment. I and many others have been caught in this falsehood. It’s so scary when I consider the numbers because the scale is almost national (I can speak for my country). A lot of us believers have not caught the Job mindset yet and Father I think it is really disturbing. Quite frankly, I think the pretence is overwhelming and I’m wondering how You are able to accommodate all that. Honestly, I don’t even think You are being fair to those dedicated ones who love You to make thanksgiving their nature and have become frequent “praisers”.

So today I pray for myself, my family, my friends, my church and my nation. Help us Father to see the little things as we look; the peace we enjoy as a nation, the love we enjoy in our homes, the fellowship we enjoy in the church, the solidarity we enjoy in our work places, the fulfillment we get in our jobs and the  many things we do not see as we look. Teach us to develop an attitude of gratitude; to be thankful at all times –in the good and in the bad. Amidst all the cacophony and rancor in this nation as we approach election, prompt us as individuals and as a nation to hit pause and praise.

I pause, I praise.


Gratefully Yours,




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