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Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 24


Nana looked at his mum in bewilderment and asked. 
Without taking her gaze off Andrea, Lydia spoke up,
‘She is acting up because she saw your dad.’ Lydia squatted again beside her daughter and tried to bring her into a hug.
Nana stood frozen, he was lost. Was his mum blaming his father for Andrea’s present state just because she was crying or had he actually told her something already. He fought the urge to ask as he watched his mum try to console Andrea.
Lydia ignored her son and softly tried convincing her daughter to stop crying and come out of the corner.
‘Mum….?’ Nana tried again
‘What is it Nana?! Can’t you see I am trying to console your sister from the aftermath of seeing a father who disappeared?’ Lydia replied harshly without looking up.
Nana opened his eyes widely in surprise. Sighing, he pocketed, turned and walked out of the room- he felt his presence wasn’t needed. He wondered whether to call his father but decided not to.
Just as he plopped himself onto his bed, the doorbell rang.
His heart missed a beat.
Was his father back? Was he about to spill the beans to his mother? Would she be able to take it? He questioned and pressed his palm hard against his chest.
He considered ignoring the doorbell but thought twice. If he went to open the door at least he could get rid of dad so he wouldn’t have to enter the house and inform mum of anything. He ran out of the room towards the front door.

***  ***  ***  ***
Naa felt a strange heaviness as she entered Lydia’s compoud. She had promised to pass by in two hours tops but had received a call from the couple she had been arranged to go visit before coming over to Lydia’s end. They asked for a reschedule to later in the afternoon and Naa had agreed. She was glad the couple had asked for that- Lydia hadn’t sounded too good over the phone.
‘Father, I dunno what’s going on in this home but please deal with this heaviness. It’s like I can’t even breathe.’ She prayed softly and rang the bell.
While waiting she turned around to take in the view. The small lawn at the side had been neatly cut and the only two cars in the compound looked like they had just been washed from the indication of the wet terrazoed floor. The gateman had walked back into his small room beside the metal gate after letting her in and greeting her. Something was definitely wrong in this house and it didn’t have to do with the building or its surroundings. 
Naa turned sharply when she heard someone open the door.
‘O…Hi, my name is Naa. I am here to see your mum.’ Naa stated and stretched out her hand.

***  ***  ***
Nana let out his held breath sharply. He couldn’t descirbe how relieved he was at not seeing his father. He almost hugged the beautiful lady standing at the doorway but held himself back. Smiling broadly he shook her hand hard and invited her in.
‘Sure, please come in and make yourself comfortable. I will prompt her.’
‘Thank you.’ Naa replied with a forced smile. The heaviness in the house even made smiling difficult.
Nana watched as the lady made herself comfortable and walked to Andrea’s room.
Mum and Andrea were still in the corner. Andrea was sobbing softly and mum was now on all fours, she had gotten tired of squatting quite obviously.
He walked towards the two ladies and towered over them.
‘Mum, a lady named…uhh..Naa I think.’ Nana began.
‘Naa?’ Lydia asked and looked up at her son.
‘Yeah…Naa…she is here to see you.’
‘Naa is here…I thought she said…’ Lydia thought out loud. She tried getting up from her knees and hands but found it difficult.
‘Help me up Nana.’ She said and stretched out her left hand towards Nana.
Nana took his mother’s hand and pulled her up to her feet.
‘Take care of your sister ok…I will be back.’ Lydia informed her son as she limped out of the room.
‘She doesn’t seem interested in me today.’ He muttered. Crossing his arms against his chest, he looked at Andrea quiver. His heart went out to her. Going on one knee, he tried touching her left knee but she quickly brushed his hand away.
‘Don’t touch me!’

***  ***  ***
Lydia walked barefoot to the hall and tightened the towel around her body.
‘Naa?…I…’ She began as soon as she made eye contact with her friend.
‘Yes…I know. The meeting I was supposed to have has been rescheduled so I decided to come here instead. It’s closer to where the meeting will be held later this afternoon.
‘Naa…it’s good you came…my daughter
…I honestly dunno what’s wrong with her.’
‘Why…what’s wrong.’ Naa enquired in concern while getting out of the couch.
Lydia grabbed onto Naa’s hand and pulled her towards Andrea’s room.
‘Come see for yourself…her father appeared yesterday and this morning she has been crying ever since. Samuel is a big fool!’
‘Calm down Lydia, there is no need to insult him.’
‘You don’t understand Naa…you really don’t. You should see my daughter before you speak.
Lydia pulled Naa into the room and pointed sharply at Andrea in the corner of the room. Nana sat on the bed and stared at Andrea.
Naa stood frozen. She had seen this same scene in her dream last night.

To be continued….



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