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Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 23


Lydia struggled to open her eyes. Her whole body ached and her head throbbed. She turned her head around and realized she had fallen asleep in the couch the night before. 

‘No wonder my body feels so wrong.’ She mummbled to herself.

Steadily, she rose out of the couch and stretched her body. The night hadn’t been restful at all, she hadn’t been able to shake that feeling off concerning Samuel. She had remembered she hadn’t really seen Samuel cry a lot even while they were married- seeing him cry last night felt so out of place.

She bent down and searched in the couch for her phone, she really needed to talk to Naa. Everything seemed to be out of place now.

***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea sat crouched in the corner of her room. She felt lost. She held her knees tighter to her chest.

She regretted all this but she felt she couldn’t come out of it. The night had been long, she had tried sleeping but it hadn’t worked. Through out the night she had paced the floor, tossed in bed, sat on the floor, knelt beside her bed, gone to her bathroom, stood under the warm shower and sat on the closed water closet just to try and clear her head and understand how within a few months she had gotten this far.

She remembered how her father had gasped when he saw both of them, she had heard him sniff and hold his chest, and the lamp outside the room had shown light on his face, so she saw as the tears trickled down his face.

Andrea threw her head back and let out a loud, heart wrenching scream.

She couldn’t take it anymore!

She had thought Nana showing love would make her feel better but it had been causing a gaping hole inside her. And everytime they were together, the moment was blissful yet guilt always knocked her out whenever she was alone and remembered everything she did with her brother.

Again she let out wail.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana heard Andrea scream from the room the first time. As usual his first instinct was to go after her and find out what was wrong yet he held himself back.

He had spent the night thinking, maybe they needed some space. Nana knew right now they were both in deep trouble because their father had walked in on them and it wouldn’t take long before he told their mum the truth.

‘All this was their fault’ he thought to himself and threw his hands in the air.

He heard Andrea scream again and froze for a moment before rushing out of his room to hers.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Lydia allowed the warm water to fall on her face and run down her neck. She wished she could stay here all day. Naa had promised to come over in about two hours so they could talk and Lydia was grateful. Seeing Samuel had brought so many memories back and the anger- she thought she had dealt with it but she had just erupted at him.

She heard the first scream and froze. Turning the tap off she strained her ears to make sure she had heard right. She contemplated shouting to ask what was wrong but remembered none of her children would hear her voice since she was using the bathroom in her room. She heard another piercing scream and quickly stepped out of the bathtub.

***  ***  ***  ***

Nana barged into Andrea’s room and rushed to hold her up. She pushed him away and quivered as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

Nana lay on the floor shocked, she had never pushed him away like that before.

Slowly he got on his knees and palms and crawled towards her.

‘What is going on here?’ Lydia asked from the doorway with a towel wrapped around her body and her head.

Nana stood still. His heart beat had escalated and his body felt cold. Slowly he turned to look up at his mum and back at Andrea.

‘I dunno mum, I heard her scream and when I came to help she pushed me away.’

Nana stated getting up to his feet in the process.

Lydia walked up to her daughter, squatted and touched Andrea’s shoulder.

‘What’s wrong honey?’ She asked.

Andrea continued to cry.

Lydia stood to her feet and looked sternly at her son,

‘Your dad caused this.’

To be continued…



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