His Ministry Was Miracles?

Have you noticed the abysmal trend lately? Don’t tell me you haven’t seen how some ladies jump from one church to another doing rather ridiculous activities in order to gain a miracle or two.

What are we chasing as Christians?
Miracles or Intimacy with God?

Over a period of time some Christians have made Christianity seem like a religion whose foundation is miracles. I am not against miracles- our Lord is a miracle working God. I am against ignoring your relationship with God and chasing miracles blindly. Truth be told, not all these miracles are from God. This whole issue reminds me of a song by Matt Redman, a portion of the lyrics are below;

Open up the Skies

Fall down like rain

We don’t want blessings

We want You

Note Matt stated clearly his need for God and not just his blessings. It’s interesting how most members of these ‘Holy Miraclous’ churches are ladies. I am a lady and I know a bit about how we work. We are almost always in need of something and would go to great lengths to have our urgent need sorted. Even if it involves baring vital parts of our bodies or opening ourselves up to wolves in sheep clothing. The Bible doesnt describe us as weaker vessels because it wants to be discrimantory- it does so because we are the emotional ones, we are the ones who need to be protected and guided. We easily allow ourselves to get blinded by our situations and drown in an array of emotions. 
Let’s meet Sophia. Sophia needs a whole lot of transforming miracles in her life, from marriage, to a good job, to wealth, to children- her list goes on. She has prayed and fasted long yet God seems to be out of reach and nothing seems to be changing.

Sophia meets a lady one day as she sat on one of these VIP buses en route Accra from Kumasi. This lady was advertising a powerful miracle center which she claimed had an answer to all anyone could ever want or need. She went on to cite an example of herself and how her life had been transformed when she met the Miracle working son of God. Sophia tapped the phone number given by the lady unto her phone and saved it. She might just try it.

Two days later at work as she contemplated visiting the ‘miracle center’, her colleague approached her. Almost everyone knew Benjamin to be controversial concerning issues-always opting for the odd side of a debate. Today was different. 

Benjamin had an issue and he wanted to share. His sister had been married six years  with no children but four miscarriages. She was on the verge of insanity and was now a member of a miracle center church. It wasn’t like Benjamin was against her going to church, where else would a woman in such emotional trauma find peace?
It was the motive she went there with and what he had heard about the church that hurt his spirit. Sophia listened carefully as Benjamin rambled on.

‘Sophy, that church has nothing to offer my sister. She went there chasing a miracle and not God. And that church…hmmm..that church…Sophy I can’t bring myself to giving you details on what the supposed man of God does to these women. A majority of his members are women too!’

‘Have you tried speaking to her?’ Sophia enquired.

‘What haven’t I and the family tried, she isn’t listening. These fake men of God are capitalizing on our women and their need for miracles to their solutions.’ Benjamin replied sadly while shaking his head.

Benjamin’s statement hit Sophia hard causing her to check her motives. She had allowed desperation to set in and had been on the verge of allowing herself to go to a church her spirit didn’t feel right about. Didn’t God say he would provide her needs according to His riches?
Didn’t he add we ought to pursue the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all other things would be added up unto her?
Eeii Sophia Banson… What grievous mistake were you about to commit by ignoring the promise of God in His word which said He is not slack concerning His promises. Christ’s Ministry was Redemption and not relegated to just miracles.

Stop chasing the miracle, chase Him, yearn for more of Him.


God bless you


3 Replies to “His Ministry Was Miracles?”

  1. Howdy! This blog post couldn’t be written any better!

    Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept talking about this. I am going to forward this article to him.
    Fairly certain he’ll have a very good read. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Bless you for this…..

    Christendom today has everything confused. I am a first hand witness to this matter myself. Seriously , I bore but what can I do, than to just observe and keep my thoughts to myself.

    There’s this lady I work with, at a point in time she was all about prophet TB Joshua. Then like lightening on a stormy night diverted her attention to Mogpa. Currently, she is with one church at Kasoa . another woman whose bakery is next to our shop is also in same boat with her.

    All their efforts at getting me to join them has yielded no fruits so they now conclude that I have no concerns in life just because I don’t fuss like them.


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