Letters to God

I Cry For These

Dear God,
Today I sit here with my eyes filled with tears. The reality of gaining the whole world yet losing your soul just hit me…and it hit me hard.

What happens to those who have strayed from or ignored your gift of salvation? 

Father today I commit these souls into your hands. I ask that you touch them wherever they are and inspite of whatever they have found themselves in. Father let them experience you. I am tired of judging them in my mind and wondering what part of them would make it to Heaven.

I pray for that lady who needs men calling her sexually crude names to feel she is beautiful. I pray for that man who never seems satiated with sex. I pray for that gentleman who is high on that substance. I pray for that lady who woke up in another bed again. I pray for the drunkard. I pray for the atheist. I pray for the Moslem who is following hard after someone who isn’t Jesus when you say Jesus is the only way, the truth and the light.

Let these ones see the light Lord!

Please remove all veils. Please make them realize that once you are a child of God there is no need to have back up power with any Mallam or shrine. For God is the ultimate. The one who created and formed the world with spoken words. The one who uses the simple things of the world to confound the wise.

This is my prayer Lord.

Let them come to you!

Your Daughter



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