The Tale of Two Seas

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Let me tell you a tale, filled with telltale signs about our lives. It’s the tale of two seas, a tale of two lives: the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. They are both very famous but they could not be anymore different.

The Sea of Galillee Is the disneyland and exemplar of seas, insomuch that the reputed historian Flavius Josephus described it as “the ambition of nature.” It is filled with bubbly life, flora and fauna and lined by lush foliage and greenery that makes it picturesque. If the Sea of Galillee were a painting, the masterful Michelangelo would be it’s painter and God its provenance. This is the sea where Jesus authored our magna carta, our eternal name: Fishers of Men. This is the sea where Jesus walked on water, calmed the storm and fed five thousand.

The Dead Sea however, needs no introduction. Its name parallels its deeds: death. The dead sea has a keen aversion to life killing anything that comes into it, consequently no fish or aquatic life dwells there. It also doubles as the lowest lying land in the earth — dead and low, how worse could it get. If you need a picture of what “bleak”  or “barren” looks like, look up the Dead Sea.

Here is the jolting and bonejarring truth: Both seas come from one source. Yes, you read that correctly: one source, one origin, one starting point. Like you and I, we both hail from one source, one head, one father, one cross. While one river is full of flow the other is full of woe. While one Christian is full of glory, the other is full of regrets. How is this even possible? The seas have an answer for us.

While the Sea of Galillee flows, the Dead Sea does not flow — it has no outlet, no output hence it is stagnant. While one sea is in motion, the other is a statue. While one is a movement, the other is a monument. While one is a conduit, the other is a mere container. This is what makes the difference.

The “Dead Sea”  kind of Christian has built a theological library in his head and has laid it on a pile of pillows, snoring away and only practicing in his dreams. The “Sea of Galillee” Christian has his eyes keenly watching, ears diligently listening, hands graciously helping, feet speedily bringing the gospel, lips powerfully praying, heart relentlessly searching and a life gloriously shining!  As Christians we are called to be full of life not death. We stray away when we become information hoarders instead of transformation agents. It is a great thing to hear tons of messages and to imbibe a truckload of scriptures but as soon as we refuse to create an outlet for the knowledge we gain, then we have matched the Dead Sea. We are called to be and to do, not to be and to doze. James puts it’s clearly:

“But the one who peers into the perfect law of liberty and fixes his attention there, and does not become a forgetful listener but one who lives it out–he will be blessed in what he does.” (James 1:25 NET)

Whoaa! Glory. As we act upon the word, we will be blessed and fruitful — like the Sea of Galillee. Each day, we are confronted by challenges, trials and troubles nonetheless these challenges are nothing but an opportunity to flow and outflow from our source, the precious Holy Spirit. When someone offends you, and oh! Offense must needs come, you should glow with a smile and with humility show the tender mercies and kindness of Christ. Knowing that we must preach Christ to the world, daily we should endeavor to share the message of Christ and not to hoard it; not just to applaud it but to apply it. Like Paul Chuks wittingly observed: “Knowledge is like paint, it does no good until it is applied.”

If you have been living out the life of God in you, then thumbs up — press on for more. If you have been stagnant in this calling then hands up — surrender your will to the King of glory. His love is immense and he wants you to brim and teem with testimonies; to joy with unspeakable glory, to abound in touching lives.  Yep, you are the Sea of Galilee, not the Dead Sea for Grace abounds, immeasurably.

Wisdom Sablah

God bless You


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