All this Pressure!!!

college-girl#Being Single
The pressure laid on a single person to leave his/her state of dormancy by society is great! All the ‘4-0’, ‘gnashers’ association comments, the lovey dovey films, the love struck couples around….too much pressure!!!
But what is the rush? A single christian is never truly alone! If you feel lonely, dont jump into a relationship, you’re already in one with God! Fellowship! Find solace in friends, its better to be single than in an unhealthy relationship.
Hope you had refreshing sleep…may your day overflow with GLORY.

Written by: Kojo Osei Frimpong


Amaka rubbed her face downwards in frustration. She honestly wasn’t concentrating on anything the lecturer was saying. Her mind was in disarray. She blinked once, then twice and leaned forward on her table to try to grasp what Mr. Paidoo was going on about.
It wasn’t that she was at the most unfavourable spot in the lecture hall- on the contrary she sat in the second column meaning she would not miss it even if he murmured his lecture notes.

Her mind!

Eventually she gave up and stared at the gibberish she had scribbled in her book.
She didn’t need a boyfriend but she was tired of the pressure!
Amaka was a sixth year student reading Architecture on campus. She could see the end of the tunnel from long nights of studies and staring at her laptop screen in a bid to finish up assignments yet that end didn’t seem to be the actual end.
A month ago her parents had called to enquire on her welfare and had been swift to mention the fact that she was next in line to marry. Her older sisters, Amara and Fauzia, had each settled down immediately after finishing their first degree. In Amara’s case, she had been engaged during the Christmas vacation of final year and returned to have her white wedding after the graduation ceremony.
Amaka’s mother had lamented that she didn’t understand why Amaka was still single- no boyfriend, no friend- was she sure something wasn’t wrong?
Amaka had frowned at the subtle accusation but calmly answered- nothing was wrong, she just wasn’t ready or interested. Her mum had broken down into loud sobs, intermittently making comments about how she wanted to hold her grandchildren before dying and how she would bend the rules for Amaka even if she brought someone who wasn’t of the same nationality.  Amaka had sighed loudly and asked to leave with the excuse of having some drawings to finish up for submission.
That had been beginning of her woes. After her parents hinted on that, everything else around her seemed to scream about how late she was in settling down. From her roommates boyfriend, to the couple’s holding hands every time she stepped out of her room to grab something from the supermarket, to preachings in church about finding someone, to text messages from male friends asking if she was available for dates to her friends asking if she was fine emotionally.


It wasn’t that she didn’t want to settle, on the contrary she would have loved to but…

She felt she wasn’t ready. Her decision had nothing to do with a particular man with a check listed figure or qualities. She just felt …. She wasn’t ready.

She turned the page of her book and began to write,

Lord, you and I know I am nowhere near ready to settle. I know from where I come, and at the age I have clocked, at least one child should have been birthed. I am not going to allow anyone or anything to pressure me- for all I care if it’s a relationship everyone wants me to be in- I AM ALREADY IN ONE WITH YOU! And I would like it to remain – please help me forget all this unnecessary pressure and concentrate on you. I know you won’t disappoint me when the time is right- so I will trust you.
Love, Amaka

Letting out a sigh, she smiled and looked at Mr. Paaido. She seemed to understand what he was driving at now.


God bless you


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