Take A Bow


From the gentleman who helps a disabled matured lady to get home to the baby daddy who helps a hard pressed driver get his car of the road.

From the lady who aids a young lady in paying of a debt to the gentleman who helps a family out by paying part of their fare.

From the couple that helps out a struggling young lady to a young lady who helps a struggling old woman.

From our mobile preachers to our unseen servers.

From being admonished to today; Love on the Streets sought to identify the various acts of love that take place on the streets by our love heroes and heroines who have no idea that mortal eyes are also watching besides our eternal Father.

We realize from these acts that love is a cycle. You may receive it in one form today and mete it out in another form tomorrow. It is a beautiful thing that we want to encourage in everybody, whether you are a Christian or not. Let us never fail to show love in everything that we may find ourselves doing. Our Father who sees everything will reward you in due time.

Today Love on the Streets takes a bow. Our eyes are not closed to the acts of love that are still ongoing out there. We are just temporarily leaving the duty of telling of your praise to another of our Creator’s creation. The birds of the air will constantly sing the names of these our heroes and heroines of love out there till we take over again. So for now, never stop doing good and when you hear the birds sing, that is Love on the Street singing your praise for the whole world to know and also know that they are our eyes out there.

So to our cherished readers and heroes and heroines

We bow out


God Bless You


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