Love Like Snow

I come from a part of the world which has sunlight almost all year round and absolutely no hint of snow and neither have I stepped out of my home country to another to witness it. So one may ask what gives me the audacity to write about something I have never experienced before. I thank God for the various movies and documentaries that help one experience some of these occurrences in the comfort of one’s own home without necessarily having to be there. Though not totally realistic, at least you get the idea of it.
Snow is mainly precipitation that is associated with the winter weather. If my memory should serve me correctly, it is formed as a result of frozen crystalline water. It is such a wonder to behold in its glory; at least from the perspective of those watching from screens. When it comes, it almost takes over everything and the little kids enjoy playing in it; building snowmen, having snow fights and all the childish escapades you could think of. The only problem with snow is, the joy and beauty it brings doesn’t last. At the first gleam of sunlight it quickly begins to melt away and all that was built with it is lost with it and soon enough it seems as though it was never present. The kids who were once smiling are left sad and even sometimes in tears; because their snowman is gone.

Some of us have love like snow; it’s seasonal. Whether it be for God or for man, we profess our love when we feel the times are well suited for us. And the sad part is, it doesn’t last. When it comes to God, He knows our hearts and can quickly tell if our love is true by searching our hearts and sometimes put as in check. Man however does not have this ability and so they may decide to accept your snow love.

This love may either come softly or as a blizzard (hit you hard); the end results are however the same. Everything seems to look beautiful when it comes and it takes control of almost every aspect of you. You begin to feel you are a changed man; the way you walk, talk and even relate to people. Then the little child in you comes out to play. They begin to build things with the snow hoping that they last. There are the play fights and the snow angels; it all seems perfect. Then comes reality. The first stream of sunlight hits and the snow begins to melt away. The one who made everything seem beautiful now seems to be drawing away. The little child in you doesn’t understand what is going on. All that you have built slowly being brought to nothing but flowing water and sadly you have to sit back and watch it go. Then the child is left hurt.

This happens maybe once or twice or even a number of times. The child then decides to give up on building anything because he feels it won’t last. There are a lot of people walking round who have been scarred this bad and have decided not to love again. They may be in relationships but they are definitely not committed because they don’t want to build.

So I’ll like to say something to the little children who have been hurt and also to those who go loving like snow. So what if you have had one, two or more of your dreams being dashed? Don’t shut out the world because a couple of your old relationships didn’t work out or left you deeply hurt. Learn to still love unconditionally as Christ thought His Church. I am not saying go giving your heart out but rather share your beautiful heart with everyone. Let people see who you really are and God will definitely reward that. Trust that.

And to our Snow people. Kindly stop leaving pain in your way. Do not commit to something if you know you cannot stay. Don’t go building castles in people’s lives only to leave one day and bring it tumbling down. You are meant to be God’s ambassador on earth. Are you playing that role well enough? Learn to love truly.

Something to think about; After every winter is spring. Learn to develop after you go through a bad relationship rather than shut the world out.


God Bless You.


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