Dear God,

Today I come not on my own behalf but on behalf of my nation, Ghana. I wish to stand in as an intercessor to plead peace over this nation in the build-up, during and after our electoral process. Father it is my plea that you will arrest the hand of the enemy that wishes to cause violence in this nation.

Father I plead that you specially handpick your chosen leader to lead this country further into progress. Father cause this leader to have a heart of love; not one for self, but a selfless one. Let the needs of the nation outweigh their personal need for power and greed. Let the Holy Spirit be their mentor each and every day so their policies will be beneficial to this country as a whole.

Father, let those who work with your leader be like-minded, that they may with a united front seek the improvement of their various appointed positions. Remove greed from their hearts and fill them with passion for growth.

We bring the spiritual leaders of this nation before you and ask that you cause them to preach unity and peace amongst your people. Father that they would not incite anger and a thirst for violence amongst your children. Let love lead them.

Father, the young child sleeping on the street who has barely had anything to eat, we ask that you will touch someone to feed him/her. The mother struggling to make ends meet to feed her children we ask that you make provision. The father who is toiling day and night to pay the bills and the fees, we ask that you meet at their point of need. The sick person in the hospital who is finding difficulty breathing, Lord deliver healing to them.

Father let love, peace and understanding be the bedrock for your nation during these times. May we not go spreading falsities and defaming statements in a bid to win power only to leave a trail of regrets on our way. May we be objective in our statements and all our decisions. Kill every spirit of pride in us. Help us understand that we need you in everything we do.

I am grateful that you have taken time of your busy schedule to listen to my prayer. And oh! Thank you for waking me up this morning.


Your Son,



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