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Brotherly Love (Review)

brotherly love 2

The Story So Far

We are blessed and honored you took quality time off to read the first season of Brotherly Love. We cannot begin to express our gratitude- thank you. Before Season two commences in a week’s time, we want to take time off and review the story thus far.

This would be broken down into three main segments;


Your lingering questions concerning the theme and direction of the story would be answered. Insight would also be given on the characters. You are welcome to join us.



  • Lydia Coleman
  • Samuel Antwi
  • Nana Kweku Antwi
  • Andrea Antwi
  • Senam
  • Naa Adjeley Sowah
  • Jerome Nii Quaye (Slick)

We are first introduced to a very confused teenager in a 7th grade class. She appears to have found out she is developing feelings for her older brother and is battling with this. We are made to understand that her brother, Nana, has a need to protect his only younger sister as their father is out of the picture and their mum is too busy.

Andrea tries a couple of times to draw the attention of her mother to the feelings she is developing for her brother but this proves futile. Finally, Lydia brushes the whole issue off and asks Nana to speak to his younger sister about whatever issue she is facing. Ironically, Nana is the problem Andrea is facing.

After a struggle to resist temptation, Nana falls and eventually ends up sleeping with His sister. In the moment he falls we find out his mum is out on a business trip. We begin to understand that Lydia has a longing to fill the emptiness within her with something and unfortunately does so with her job.

Upon her return, Lydia meets Senam (an intern to her company). Lydia takes a liking to Senam and decides to give her a treat just before her internship ends. During that treat (a lunch date in a Chinese restaurant) Lydia bumps into Naa, an old-time friend who encourages Lydia to come to church.

Meanwhile the relationship between her son and daughter is budding right under her nose. She sees signs but dismisses them. In the final episode of Season 1, Lydia gives her life to Christ and comes home to meet a scene which causes her to scream in shock.


Brotherly love was inspired by a true life story I chanced on a few months back. I sat in shock and wondered what in the world would push siblings to sleep with each other. So I prayed, spoke to a couple of people and began to write. I wanted to highlight the abominable canker and also give hope to the lost and broken- God can fix anything including incest.

Apart from the fact that issues like this show us we are in the end times, I did some research on this subject; Biblically and Academically.

This story of sibling and paternal sexual abuse reflects a social problem that is far greater than acknowledged by official statistics, policymakers and service providers (Finkelhor,1980)

Sibling incest appears more likely to occur in large families characterized by physical and emotional violence, marital discord, explicit and implicit sexual tensions and blurred interfamilial boundaries…Lack of adequate parental supervision provides perpetrators with ongoing opportunities to offend and protects the secret, leaving the victim vulnerable to continuing abuse. (Ascherman & Safier, 1990; Caffaro & Conn- Caffaro, 2005).

What is Incest?

Incest occurs when relations from the same family have intimate physical contact. Incest takes four main forms;

  • Father-Daughter
  • Mother-Son
  • Brother-Sister
  • Father-Son

Biblically, Proverbs 226 tells us to train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, He will never depart from it.

How would a parent train if the parents doesn’t know the way HE/SHE should go? Parenthood is a ministry. Till parents fully grasp this they will not fully fulfil their calling as parents. A growing child is like a plant, he has varied factors that are going on in his/her favour and must be pruned to ensure the right path is towed.

In our busy world, I would not totally blame parents for wanting money- it’s all so their children can be comfortable but if you fail to combine these delicate extremes effectively, then you may have just fallen short. Again, proverbs 20:23 says; Unequal weights are an abomination to the Lord, and false scale are not good,

Incest is an abomination no one wants to speak about, see or hear. However, it would surprise many to know that this is a canker on the increase. Last week I found out there is a cult in one denomination of the church that sees nothing wrong with this act and actually encourages it – yep.

In the case of Andrea and Nana, both parents weren’t firm believers of God. Lydia Coleman likened being baptized in a church to accepting Christ (Episode 18). What triggered this unholy feeling wasn’t a particular need or issue. We realize that this final downfall was due to a series of unmet needs.

Samuel Antwi needed respect from his wife after he lost his job so he opted for a divorce when it looked like he wasn’t getting any. Single Mother Lydia needed to fill up the void in her life and provide for the home in the absence of her husband. Andrea needed manly love and Nana felt the need to protect and love his sister. This was the need cycle of the Antwi family. One may ask if the divorce triggered all this. I am personally of the view that the marriage triggered all this. From season 10, we realize Lydia and Samuel had problems – could it be that they chose each other wrongly ignoring glaring red flags from the opposite partner?

There is nothing more crucial than watching your children especially when they become teenagers and this was obviously not the case in the Antwi family. There was no house help or relative available to help watch these two.

We advise everyone, parents and parents-to-be to take a cue from this story. Pray and observe your children- be there for them.  You need to understand that they need you and please don’t ignore the signs.

God bless You


Finkelhor, D. (1980). Sex among siblings: A survey on prevalence, variety and effects. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 9(3), 171-194

Ascherman, L. I & Safier, E. J. (1990). Sibling incest: A consequence of individual and family dysfunction. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 54(3), 311-322.

Caffaro, J. V., & Conn-Caffaro, A. (2005). Sibling incest: Reports from forty-one survivors.  Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 15(4), 19-34. – 03/10/16



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