Brotherly Love (21)


The Change (Season Finale)

Andrea had seen nor heard nothing on her way home. She had dozed off in the car and had had to be shaken a good number of times by the driver before she woke up. Sleepily, she tried grabbing her backpack and clumsily walked into the house.
Her tummy rumbled in hunger, but the urge to sleep far outweighed that grumble.
She threw her backpack into the couch and dragged herself to her room. Without taking off her shoes, clothes or accessories-she jumped into bed, covered herself up and slept.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***
Nana rode slowly into the compound and parked behind his mother’s office vehicle. He didn’t understand why she was in so early-he hoped all was well.
She had instructed him that morning with a cheque to go withdraw money and buy some provisions and food for the house since they had almost run out of them.
Nana had lazied about the whole day, almost forgetting the chore he had till it was twenty minutes past three. He had literally run out of the house and ridden at top speed to the bank so as to beat their closing time.
His attention was shifted to successfully carrying all the provisions and food into the house with Abu’s help. He had noticed while they took their short trips from the car that Andrea had arrived because her backpack, with books that had spilled out, were in the couch.
He smiled to himself, he had missed her the whole day. He had yearned to have her in his arms and to see her twerk again in front of him.
He remembered his mother’s reaction and shuddered.

***  ***  ***  ***

Lydia remained oblivious to her surrounding so much that she didn’t hear her son gently open her bedroom door. Nana stared at his mum, wondering what had brought her home so early. Maybe it was because of what had happened last night. He battled within himself as the thought of going to apologize came to mind.

She hadn’t been there for them these past few years, it felt like everyone in the house was living their lives the way they preferred. He didn’t feel wholly justified by his abominable acts however he didn’t see the need to apologize to a mother who hadn’t been there just because his sister had stayed up late twerking. He held a sigh and carefully shut Lydia’s door proceeding to Andrea’s room. He found that she had fallen asleep in her school uniform, shoes and watch- obviously she was exhausted. Smiling, he pocketed his hands and unconsciously counted his steps to his room to see if he could find anything to amuse himself with at least till he finally fell asleep. This night would be a drag, he concluded in his mind.

***  ***  ***  ***
Lydia sat in her large office staring at her car keys on her desk- Friday had arrived. She didn’t know if she was presentably dressed for church. Her mind battled with making a choice as to whether to return home and change and drive back to the office or just sit in the office and wait till Naa came to pick her up.
She didn’t remember the last time she went to church. She sighed and got out of her executive chair to grab her car keys. Lydia had decided to go home and change but her phone began to ring.
She gingerly answered the call.
‘Lydia, I hope you are ready.’ Naa asked
‘Uhhh, isn’t it a bit too early?’ Lydia replied looking at her wristwatch. It was ten minutes past five.
‘It isn’t, there is a bit of traffic on the way. That’s why I am coming for you early so we can get there on time.’
‘Is there a problem?’
‘Uhhh…will I take my car along?’
Naa paused.
‘I didn’t really think about that. Leave your car at work. We will get the driver to send you home.’
‘Yes Osofo Maame. I will be out in a moment.’ Lydia teased.
Naa laughed and ended the call.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***
Andrea was cranky. She had been since the morning after mum had caught her twerking. First she had thought it was due to the fact that she hasn’t slept well the night before but after she had slept and refreshed, she still felt cranky.
Yesterday she had seen her grades and her heart had sank. She was in the last five after the recent mid-term examinations that had been conducted. She hadn’t had enough time to study since she and Nana got that close. Concentrating during a lesson was a herculean task now.
She wasn’t sad about her grades because her mum would scold her, on the contrary, Andrea was sad that she had allowed her grades to drop so low. She had always been proud that she was a part of the first five in class. Many of her classmates had begun whispering, and she knew they wanted to know what had caused such a decrease in her grades.
Andrea kicked at the stone beside her foot. She had sat in school doing nothing in particular and had called Nana to inform him she would be late coming home.
She was glad he hadn’t asked why, because in reality she didn’t have an answer to give.

***  ***  ***  ***
‘We are all created for a purpose but ultimately we are here to worship God. The Bible says He created us for His pleasure. So before you can fulfill your assignment here, you need to be in tune with the Creator because you are the creation. The vessel.’ Pastor Bediako, Naa’s husband, preached.
Whatever he seemed to be saying touched her. She didn’t know how or understand why but for once she could feel the word move through her.
Naa had driven through many shortcut routes so they got to church at the right time. As the Pastor’s wife she couldn’t afford to be late, she had explained to Lydia as she drove. She needed to set a good example so tongues wouldn’t wag, it wasn’t like they weren’t always wagging.

Naa had overhead some pastor’s wives snicker at Pastor Bediako and her. They had said because they thought they were from abroad they could just come and implement whatever they wanted in the church. Naa was at a loss for words, she didn’t even know what they were implementing that would cause these wives of other pastors to talk in such manner.

‘Nothing can fully and truly make us fulfilled when we are not in Christ. Not our jobs, not all the money we can ever make, nor our spouse or children…nothing!’ Pastor Bediako continued.

Lydia began to cry. That sounded so much like her. She felt empty- she had been feeling this way for so long. She had no joy, no true peace.

‘He sent Jesus Christ, His only son to come and be the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I can be redeemed. So you and I can believe in Jesus Christ and confess Him as Lord over our lives and be saved. He didn’t send His son to condemn the world. Noo! He is a loving and merciful God, who is not delighted in any of His children spending eternity in Hell. Hell wasn’t created for any of His children. He loves us. He loves us more than we can ever imagine. He calls us to be His own. He is a merciful God who loves us.’ Pastor Bediako continued as he went on his knees.

‘See you do not understand, cannot totally comprehend the love He has for you. Father please grant us grace. More grace to know and understand that You love us.’ He continued.
Lydia could no longer control herself. She began to wail.
‘I need that love. I need that kind of love.’ She cried out.

Just then, the praise leader raised a song and this left Lydia sprawled out on the floor.

‘And I
Am desperate for you
And I
Am lost without you

The ushers run to tie a cloth around her and lead her to the front.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ****  ***
Lydia opened her front door at half past 1pm. She had loved the church service and was already planning to take the children along the next time.  Lydia had given her life to Christ and she felt peace.
She flopped into the couch and sighed.
She felt so free she wished she could shout it out but held herself when she remembered her children were at home.
‘O my goodness! I forgot to call them.’ Lydia scolded herself.
Slothfully, she pulled herself out of the couch and headed to Andrea’s room. She found the door ajar and no one on the bed. Lydia was a bit surprised.
Slowly, she turned to walk towards Nana’s room, her heart began to beat faster when she thought she heard muffled voices.
Lydia barged into the room.
She froze and gave out a high pitched cry.

 ***:END OF SEASON I ***

 Brotherly Love would proceed on a short break which would last a week. This is to enable a review of the season. What are your comments thus far. We pray you are learning from it.


8 Replies to “Brotherly Love (21)”

  1. The reality in the finale. sometimes we are faced with a seeming setback the moment we breakthrough. Lydia has been saved, now her Salvation is going to be tested. The joy and enthusiasm of being free and filled with that peace is going to be replaced or at least battled by shame, guilt, self-blaming, despair… etc. And this is if she finds out Andrea and Nana are intimately involved with each other. The one lesson is that our actions affect the lives of the people around us; directly or indirectly.


  2. hmhp!!! this reminds me of i song i heard….. i have been dreaming of a city, it’s waaay beyond the sky, when my sufferings are over, Jesus will remind me i’m passing through then i will be home at last… thank u boo for this write up……… it will help my counseling class.


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