Let’s Marry So We Can Have Sex!!

Disclaimer: This article isn’t meant to ridicule the concept of sex in marriage but to highlight one of the wrong reasons leading ‘Christian’ youth to the altar.

Needless to say, almost EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED!!! (Eeish!). And many people have varied reasons for doing so, one that gets to me is the need for excessive glamour at the wedding but that topic is for another day. Back to why you are reading this though- don’t judge the post just because of it’s interesting title however there is a question for you and your friends.

How many newly weds are getting married for the wrong reasons?

I can confidently say about fifty per cent of youth who marry are rushing so they can have legal and guilt-free sex. The norm lately is sex, sex and more sex! Commercials that have nothing to do with sex have taken a different front and are actively selling sex.

Sex is everywhere!!!

So what if that young couple decided to get married just so they quench their burning desire and avoid fornication. Their new life may begin beautifully but soon reality hits them in the head and knocks them out cold- marriage isn’t all and only about sex.

You are in the prime of your life as youth so you will definitely burn and fornicate with that lady or gentleman in your head because you have been feeding your mind with the wrong stuff. The music videos you are glued to have ladies wriggling their back and front sides as though their very existence depended on it, your song playlist has songs explaining the pleasure of sex, the chats and comments that catch your attention have a link to sex-why won’t you deceive yourself into getting married with the assumption that you are in love when in actual sense it’s sex you want.

I am not against early marriage, on the contrary, I would vouch for it but when your main purpose for getting married is sex and companionship and maybe a couple of beautiful babies then I am really happy to burst your bubble.
Take time to get to know that gentleman or lady, ask yourself if you can support the vision, analyze and see if there is a common longing and goal, be ready and willing to submit, can you love your sweetheart like Christ loves the church? then take a deep breath and ask yourself if just maybe there wasn’t sex-would you survive?

There are couples out there who are going through sexless marriage because of varied reasons- would you pull through?

So before you jump on to agree to his proposal, please ask yourself this;

Are we getting married just so we can have sex?


God bless you


7 Replies to “Let’s Marry So We Can Have Sex!!”

  1. Hmmmmm…thanks for the disclaimer…. It will be a bit strange to enter into marriage just and with the sole reason to have guilt free sex….people marry with a myriad of reasons and if sex is not one of them then it needs an examination. The issue has to do with how the reasons are prioritized…. And these priorities are dynamic as the marriage last.


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