Where Are You God?


Dear God…

It’s been a long time since we spoke. I’m not sure if prayer to You really is the same as talking to You but if it is, then I suppose we’re like those kind of friends that grew up close and then drifted apart as the years went by. Not been the best from me but all the same, You too make me wonder sometimes. I mean no disrespect towards You but I must ask….where are You?

The few I have asked regarding Your whereabouts say You call to me, but I simply do not hear You well. I keep my ears to the ground, perk them in the air, hope to hear of whispers of Your presence but by the time I get to that location, You’re no longer there. I come to Your house but do not find You. Instead, I tend to find people jointly listening to a number of other people who try to show them, the listeners, how to make wealth. Not entirely a bad thing but that’s not the reason why I come looking for You at your house, so I rarely come by. Sorry about that. But again, I ask, where have You been?

I am told we are friends for a reason. Many seem to believe that. As much as I am comfortable being Your friend, it does…intrigue me from time to time. The fact that You’re not my friend just because You want to be or because You think I make good conversation or something of the sort. You really do NEED Me to do something for You. What is it?? I’ve asked You this since I was a kid, which is when I found it most FASCINATING and I was filled with such joy to know that there was a reason for which I am around for Your sake. Why won’t You tell me?? I know I may pretend as though it means nothing to me but You know me inside-out; know me better than my mother and closest lover combined so You DO KNOW how much the purpose of our relationship means to me! It can’t possibly be so hard to tell me what it is……is it?

I have NO IDEA if this letter will reach You. And if it does, I still have no idea if it would touch You enough to warrant a reply of some sort. If even just to let me know that You really are still out there and that You’re doing ok wherever You are. Well, all the same, might as well give You a brief note of how things have been. I’ve been lost. I used to hear a lot of people say that when I was little, heard it in movies and on radio and I usually assumed it was in the literal sense but…experiencing it myself, I know it’s more than not finding your way in a part of town you’ve never been to. It’s like…being given a really cool car (let’s say a Ferrari FF) with a full tank, all necessary vehicle systems functioning perfectly, it’s a sunny beautiful day with all manner of beautiful people around….and having no idea what I want to do or where I want to go. Its an awful feeling and I hope to get out of it. Been trying to fix old friendships I either let die or had a hand in ruining. Fixed one out of them (yippee). I plan to visit that friend when I can. I made a new friend by the way and she’s AWESOME! She recently travelled to China though but will be back next year. Won’t be surprised if You know her already, since You know SO MANY PEOPLE! Looking forward to seeing her again, though we talk from time to time as the time zone difference is somewhat annoying. Still have my trust issues too…as I still intend on solving the mystery that caused the COMPLETE separation between someone and I…as it was an external person that caused it. Mum seems better and I am SUPER grateful for that. I hope it stays that way because there is so much she has to live for! Work has been steady. Annoying, stressful, but more steady than it used to be. Another good thing I suppose. Still hoping the pay is increased though, it’s a huge need right now. In other less significant but exciting news, I recently got a Victini and Darkrai from The Pokémon Company! How awesome is that?! Those two are rare! I look forward to getting others from them soon (a Keldeo in October)!

There is so much to say, most of which I’m sure You can guess but I’m at least hoping You’d reply….so I know my letter really is reaching You. Then we’ll talk some more, #iPromise! Please take care of Yourself and everyone around You. That is one thing I know I can count on You to do: taking better care of the people around You than I ever could. Keep lending Your strength, patience and peace to the many that need it. Let them know You exist. Until then, I’ll be waiting for Your reply. For now, I’m just here listening to the beautiful music from the SSB Melee Menu soundtrack. The creators sound so purposeful and driven. I hope to be like them someday…..soon I hope…..as time will not stand still for us. I’ve lost a lot already in this short space of time. I pray I lose nothing more.


Hope to hear from You soon.


Your Friend,





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