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More – New Single By Naa Kronkron

Anyone who may have met Naa Kronkron would most likely have described her as a sweet soul with an angelic voice. Growing up in a family where music thrived, it is no wonder she is rising up to greater heights in the Christian Music Ministry. This feat was not achieved in a few months but has span over the past few years through constant toil, relentless dedication, hard work and practice. Her persona in music has literally embodied the saying that goes,

“anything that has to be done must be done well as unto God.”

Music is Naa Kronkron’s passion, life and being. With the release of her upcoming single it would be no error to say she is deeply in love with the Lord.

We are each created with a deep craving that can only be filled by our Lord and Saviour. We might search for things to throw into the gaping vacuum yet it doesn’t take long for us to realize it is all in vain. The lyrics of the song express that longing for our spirits to be filled.

Take your place
In my heart of hearts I pray
Pour like fire
Rushing wind
Come and fill this void in me

And like David, once we find our love, we aren’t content- we cannot be content. We yearn for more and more- in actual sense we cannot be fully filled because the Lord we serve is vast, beyond human comprehension or simple grasp.

More more
Lord I want more
More more
Lord I want more
(Nothing else but more

With a melodious and anointed voice, Naa has translated the yearning of her spirit into a worship song for the glory of our Lord’s name. We can never be fully satiated by the infilling of our Lord.

Be inspired to yearn for more of His Spirit, love and peace in your life as you listen. It is Naa’s fervent prayer that the Lord would fill up the void in your life and lead you. You will be blessed and filled with more of the Holy Spirit as you listen and meditate on the words of this song.

More by Naa Kronkron on the 1st of October,2016.


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