Brotherly Love (20)



Lydia’s ringtone woke her up that morning, lazily she stretched out her hand, while her eyes remained shut, and tried searching for her phone before the call ended.
‘Hello.’ She managed to answer in a sleepy voice.
‘Lydia? Good morning. Are you still asleep?’
‘Yes, but who is this please.’
The caller laughed and replied,
‘It’s Naa.’ I was wondering if we could have lunch together this afternoon?’
‘Naa?’ Lydia repeated and sat up in bed, she was wide awake now.
‘Sure! Just give me the time and venue.’ She continued.
‘You sound wide awake now. You haven’t changed eh. The mention of food still brings out the beast in you.’ Naa teased.
‘Naa…please it’s not just any food but…Good Food!’ Lydia replied and burst out into laughter.
‘Yes madam, anyway I was thinking we could meet at the same restaurant where I met you with Senam.’
‘That sounds laudable.’
‘But I honestly dunno when you will be free today, so you will have to give me the time.’ Naa continued.
‘Uhh…let’s meet at one.’ Lydia answered after thinking a while.
‘One it is. I will see you later then.’
‘Sure Naa.’
‘Have a lovely day Lydia.’
‘You too.’
She had gotten out of bed and stretched her body, then walked to her bathroom.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***
Sitting across her friend, Lydia couldn’t help but smile. Naa had really changed. She now wore make up and had fixed a long weave that fit her oval face and made her look years younger.
‘Why are you staring? You know it’s not good right?’ You still haven’t changed. And wipe that silly smirk off your face.’ Naa had muffled with food in her mouth.
‘You do know it’s very wrong to talk when your mouth is full right?’ Lydia replied, grinning mischievously in the process.
Naa gulped down her food and sipped a bit of her pineapple juice before replying,
‘Well, you do have a way of bringing out the crazy side of me.’
‘How is life…or should I say how has life been as a Pastor’s wife?’ Lydia asked as she placed some food on her fork.
‘Well, it’s truly a narrow path but God is my rock and helper each day.’
‘I see.’ Lydia thoughtfully replied in between bites.
‘How has your life been?’ Naa asked.
‘We haven’t even finished dissecting yours and you are asking about mine. Where did your patience run off to Pastor Naa?’
Both ladies laughed.
‘OK, I give up.’ Naa replied with her hand raised as if in surrender.
‘A summary of my life in the states…hmmm…well I began doing hard drugs and sleeping around till I met my husband. He led me to Christ and asked me to marry him a few years after. We had to move back home because our church wanted to open a branch in Ghana and they chose him to be the Head Pastor.’
‘I see. That sounds interesting…. But you know I can’t imagine you on hard drugs.’ Lydia stated.
‘Well I couldn’t imagine myself either till I got hooked. Anyway tell me about yours. What’s new?’
Lydia paused,
‘Well, I am divorced.

*** *** ***
The ceiling stared hard back at Lydia. She had gotten home at 5:00 pm which was very unusual of her, had set her heels down in the hall, walked to her room and just laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Countless times she replayed the lunch scene with Naa in her mind.
Naa was childless, and it wasn’t because of anything she had done wrong in her past life because according to numerous certified doctors she and her husband were fine and fertile yet after more than ten years of marriage they still had no children.
In spite of all these, Naa seemed very content, happy and joyful. She had admitted to the fact that she sometimes broke down and cried but each day she found comfort in God. He knew her pain and He had assured her that in time, she would be a mother of nations. Lydia had been astonished by the tangible faith of her friend.
Naa, on the other hand, had tried coaxing Lydia into finding her husband and trying to sort stuff out with him. Naa had told her that there was no broken destiny God couldn’t fix or even change because he was the creator of mankind and author of their destinies.
Lydia had tried to explain to Naa that her ex-husband was nowhere to be found. She had tried reaching out to him to see if allowing him back into her life would ease that gap in her heart.
Naa had stretched out her hand to grasp Lydia’s hand, looked deeply into Lydia’s eyes and said,
‘Lydia no man, no matter how good, can give you the peace you yearn for within your heart. No man can fill that gap, no matter how hard you try.’
Lydia had broken down into tears and Naa had led her to the washroom.
After helping her dry out her tears, Naa had told her she would come pick her up on Friday for an evening service. Lydia had just nodded back nimbly in response.

To be continued


God bless you


One Reply to “Brotherly Love (20)”

  1. Aaaaahhhh…. I see change on the way. Somebody shout “Change is coming…!!!” She’s broken and yielded because the conviction has started in her.. Lydia would find that peace… KorSHE… Hopefully it would come earlier.


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