Brotherly Love(19)

A Weak Resolution

Lydia got home late as usual but she was hungry. She rarely felt such hunger pangs after 9. Her stomach growled and she in turn threw her hand bag into the couch and headed to the kitchen.

Opening the fridge, she took a quick scan of what was available to gulp down. Finally she settled on a slice of pizza, which she microwaved for a minute and a can of malt. 

After filling her tummy, Lydia walked back to the hall to retrieve her hand bag and began walking to her room but turned. She wanted to check up on her babies first. Inching closer to Nana’s door, she head giggling. She looked at her phone, it read 11:05 pm. Who could be giggling at such an odd hour in Nana’s room.
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana eventually conceded to having a shower with Andrea and that had led them into another bout of love making. He wasn’t excited with himself but the pushed all the guilt away as he an Andrea headed to the kitchen to eat. Hunger caused both siblings to quickly gulp their mealdown and find something else to amuse themselves with. Eventually Nana and Andrea ended up in front on Nana’s TV battling against each other in FIFA match.

‘You suck o Nana! Abah!’ Andrea teased after scoring yet another goal

‘Madam, you are just lucky I chose the best team in the league for you because I felt sorry for you. Don’t come and tempt me to bring my real skills.’

‘O tweeaa…spare me.’ Rea replied admist laughter.
Their game had continued till they both got bored  and Nana dared Andrea to try all the latest dance moves. Andrea had been shy at first, but agreed. After every dance, she did giggle and run back into Nana’s arms to cuddle and watch the update of the video he was compiling of her dance moves.
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  

Lydia shoved Nana’s door open without knocking and met Andrea on her knees, in front of Nana’s bed, trying to twerk.

‘What are you doing?! At this time?!’ Lydia shouted.

Andrea quickly got up out of fright and stood shaking.

‘Answer me!’ Lydia barked at her daughter.

‘And you…’ she began turning to face her son who had been reclining in bed as he watched his sister.

‘Could you not see the time and tell your sister to go to bed?!’

‘I…we..’ Ana stuttered.

‘Stop talking!’

Nana kept silent.

Shutting her eyes and pointing her hand to Nana’s doorway,she bellowed,

‘Andrea, get out of this room now!’

Andrea scurried to find the other pair of her bathroom slippers and quickly run out of her brother’s room.

Lydia was seething with anger. She didn’t know why and she didn’t remember the last time she had gotten this angry.

She raised a trembling finger towards Nana and stood staring at him for a while.

Then she turned on her heels and walked out of the room, banging the door hard in the process.

That uneasy feeling she had had when she met the two in bed a couple of weeks ago was beginning to rear its head again but she pushed it aside because of the anger she felt.

She was paying so much money to the driver and buying fuel for the car just so Andrea could be driven to a school which took Lydia’s 2 months pay as fees for a term. And instead of Andrea to be serious with her studies and have adequate rest, she was doing silly dances in her brother’s room after 11:00pm!
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana remained frozen on the spot even moments after his mum had left the  banged his door so hard that his room shook.

He didn’t know why exactly she was angry. He didn’t quite understand. It had been long she had been this angry.

Did she suspect anything was going on between them?

Or was she angry that Rea was up so late?

He sat in bed with a thud as he pondered hard. Things seemed to be getting out of hand.
***  ***  ***

Andrea had been so scared through out the night. She had barely slept. She kept dozing off in class and scribbled gibberish on the quick test that had been conducted during the Literature period.

Last night had been a disaster. It had been long she had seen her mum that angry. This morning she had literally run out of the house before 7:15 am since she didn’t want to have an encounter with either her mum or Nana.

Serwah poked Andrea.

‘Did you sleep last night at all?’ She asked with a smirk on her face.

‘Why?’ Andrea replied in a sleepy voice and rubbing her left eye.

‘You are sleeping over lunch!… And it’s a bit of a shock since this is your favourite food.’

Andrea sighed loudly. She didn’t want to talk, all she wanted to do was sleep.
To be continued…


God bless you.


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