Love On the Streets

Unseen Service

wp-1470589477923.jpgMany acts of service may go unseen to the natural man but for God in heaven, He sees all that goes on unnoticed by many. Today, Love on the streets wants to celebrate a group of people who help to make church all the more comfortable for us-their acts of love need emulation. You may never have taken notice of what they do but today we would stir up your memory about them.

Scene 1: At 5.30am when most of us are about shifting gear into our final lap of our sleep, a young lady is up and already on her way to the place of worship to sweep the premises, arrange and dust chairs. She sacrifices her comfort to make ready the place of meeting.

Scene 2: Service ends, some leave immediately; others stand around to make small talk with buddies. As if he doesn’t have friends of his own, this young man walks up to the front and offers to help the instrumentalists and technicians pack up the equipment. The gentleman looks learned-if I am to take a calculated guess I’m very positive he holds a Masters degree or higher. Nobody notices him yet he feels content, looking past status and age.

Scene 3: A woman comes to the minister/pastor/shepherd, almost in tears; she’s lost her job, her rent is due, her children need to be in school next month and she has no one to fall on. The minister prays with her and quietly assists her with some funding. Charity in action.

These group of people present what we call the “Unseen Service”. Status, age, demeanor, attention and comfort are not holding them back in providing service wherever they find themselves.

Men may not see and appreciate but God in Heaven sees all things. Today Love on the Streets celebrates you. Your labour of love has not gone unnoticed.

God bless you.



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