Be Not Ashamed

ghost_train-wallpaper-3840x2160Leslie offered his seat to the aged woman who looked like her legs were shaking 3 minutes into the train-ride from the station. He hadn’t taken notice earlier because he had bowed his head to say a prayer in preparation for his usual after school evangelism. He had made it a point everyday to share the message of Jesus in the cabin of the train where he found himself every night on his way back home. The old lady, thanked Leslie with a look of relief on her face telling.

***  ***  *** * * *

“……………out of all scientists, Buddhists, Muslims, the distinguished and so on, no one was able to claim this. They all spoke about having a way to life after death, or some form of hypothesis that made you feel content with earth when you heard it but Jesus boldly asserted that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I don’t know about you, I don’t know where your blind spots are but I know where mine was. You see I grew up in the Projects; a little bit of living in Queens, a little bit of living in the Brooklyn. My mom kicked me out at age 10 and my life was anywhere and everywhere but home. I used to sleep on rooftops, at bus stops, at train stations, people’s cars, you name it. My clothes were in a trash bag and I used to drag them over my shoulder everywhere I went because I was homeless for 8 years. I used to smoke weed on this train, I used to rob people, steal from shops and the list is endless. I’ve been in and out of jail; county and state. I could tell you about hungry nights, sleepless ones- humiliating. My life feeling like I would amount to nothing. I could tell you about some pain, I could tell you about some struggles; is there anybody that can identify with me? Maybe you have never been through what I’ve been through but most certainly I know each one of us has had some struggles and I came to tell you of a truth. The truth that the gospel of Jesus can change your life. That this gospel if you believe it in your heart by faith will change you and your identity; will change who you think you are to who He created you to be.

At 14 I gave my life to Christ, and that was the beginning of the change that made me who I am today.  I’m sure if I never mentioned all of what I have been through you’ll just mistaken me for some regular, decent college kid. But I give glory to God because I came to the realization of the knowledge of His son Jesus and that changed me. I’m  no more homeless, I’m currently pursuing a college degree. I’ve been clean 4 straight years. I didn’t have to go to rehab, no state sponsorship, nothing; all it took was a simple prayer that said Jesus, I accept You.  You see, today everyone talks about God. God this, God that; but when it comes to Jesus……ssshhhhhhhh!!!! But I always ask, if Jesus was just a man like they claim He was, why are men and women, babies and children being killed because they have believed in Him in places like the Middle East? If He was just a man, what threat is He; but because of the numerous testimonies and signs they have witnessed they feel threatened.

Nonetheless, I say to You, no one can come to the Father except through Jesus. There is amazing potential in you. There is a world out there  waiting to see the true you and that can only happen when the Holy Spirit is in you and the Spirit only comes when you accept Jesus. Accept Jesus and make Him Lord of your life. Forsake the old ways. Let go and allow Jesus.”

***  ***  ***  ***

About a minute to the next train stop, Leslie made a call to salvation right there on the train. Believers and unbelievers who watched were awed as people on the train made the decision to give their lives to Christ. At the bus stop, many who got on were confused at the delight that filled that particular cabin and it was telling that indeed God has visited them.


Romans 1:16

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes……”

God is looking for men and women like Leslie to go and share Christ with the world regardless of the opposition.



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