Letters to God

Disappointing Fury

wp-image-202992900jpg.jpgDear God,
I don’t know how it happened today but I just snapped and that side of me I swore to bury came back to laugh at me in the face. Well, I had always used the excuse of the fact that others were just incompetent and their incompetence was irritating. I only realized I was no better than Cain. A flaming unquenchable torch of anger kindled against an innocent flaw. I mean, every man is flawed but I couldn’t bear it in moment and I was flared up.

I’m sorry I disappointed You because even though I didn’t literally kill someone like Cain did I clearly was not the spitting image of Christ in that moment. Pl…plea…please forgive me. I came home to read Your Word and I was taught one thing, “where anger is, murder is not far off”. That’s just not the story i want.

Father, the skeleton in my cupboard is now out there. I can only ask that You make me better. You promised Your Spirit who comes with the fruit of gentleness and self-control. I need Him, I need Him, I need Him.

Your distraught son,


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