Brotherly Love (18)

Lost Connections
Lydia was getting very fond of Senam. It hurt her that Senam’s internship wasn’t going to last longer. A week before Senam was to complete her internship, Lydia offered to take her out for lunch in one of the plush Chinese restaurants. Senam had been elated at such good news and, like a little girl, had clapped her hands.
Sitting across Senam, at the table they had been directed to, Lydia was overly engrossed in trying to choose what meal to eat.
Finally she decided on beef sauce and shrimp fried rice with a starter of golden fried shrimps and spring rolls. Senam had also agreed to take the same and handed the menu booklet back to the patient waiter.
‘So…here we are.’ Lydia started.
Senam smiled in response.
‘It’s a shame you can’t stay any longer, if you were I am sure I would have bundled you up and taken you along for my next trip.’ Lydia continued with a sly smile.
‘O Auntie Lydia..Dont worry I will come again God willing next year OK.’ Senam replied, trying hard to stiffle her laughter.
‘You are laughing…I am serious o. Anyway,so what do you plan on doing after the internship ends.’ Lydia enquired
‘Well, we have a youth camp…my church..and I am planning on joining. After that I will just stay at home and rest well for the next academic year.’
‘Eeii you and this your church. Ayoo!!’ Lydia replied while thoroughly wiping her hands with the warm towel the waiter had just brought.
‘Auntie Lydia, you should try church o.’ Senam coaxed.
‘Try? I used to when I was much younger. I used to tag along my parents but when I grew up, I had too much to do. My plate is always full and overflowing.’
Senam laughed.
They continued to make small talk till their starter had been delivered.
Soon, both ladies were munching away.
‘Auntie Lydia, you haven’t told me much about your family.’ Senam stated.
Lydia smiled.
‘ family is…’ Lydia began but stopped midway when she heard her name being mentioned.
‘Lydia Coleman, is that really you?’ A lady asked again while approaching their table.
She was elegantly dressed. She walked with an air of importance. Finally she stopped at their table and smiled broadly.
‘O Lydia, so you don’t remember me? My name used to be Naa Adjeley Sowah.
Lydia paused and covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out loud like a little girl.
‘Naa?…eeii Naa? You have changed! Wow!’ Lydia replied enthusiastically trying to rise from her seat to hug her friend.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Lydia and Naa had been close friends right from Ellis House in Wesley Girls’ High school till they had lost contact. Their friendship has began budding from first year after they had been punished by a senior sister for having been the only two girls to fail trunk inspection in the dorm. Sister Evelyn hadn’t been amused about the state of their individual trunk and basket and had punished them to scrub the polytank area and all the gutters leading to and from it. Lydia and Naa had cried so hard,pleading that they be given an easier form of punishment but Sister Evelyn hadn’t budged.

Lydia and Naa had spent 2 whole weeks scrubbing the gutters after class to ensure they looked clean. After that encounter the two had become inseparable. Though they were unlike poles in every aspect of their lives including their looks- nothing could come between their friendship.
In their second year of university, a gentleman whom they both loved had tried to play both of them but had been caught and humiliated by Naa and Lydia.
Naa had travelled to the states during the long vacation of that second year to continue schooling. Distance began to affect their friendship, after a while they had totally lost touch.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Lydia hugged Naa tightly-she smelt great! It had been so long- too long. Finally she let go of her and asked,

‘Why do you look so different so radiant, so…I dunno’

‘Its grace o Lydia, simply grace.’ Naa replied.

Lydia remembered Senam was at the table and introduced her to Naa.

‘This is Senam, an intern at my company.’

Naa turned to Senam and smiled.

‘How are you Senam? I hope your parents are good.’ Patting Senam on the shoulder in the process.

‘Yes Pastor Naa.’ Senam replied

‘Pastor Naa?….eeii ..Senam you know this woman?’ Lydia asked in surprise

‘Yes please, she is my church pastor’s wife.’ Senam stated


‘Yes I am, and I happen to know Senam because she is the daughter of one of the lay pastors in church.’ Naa continued.

‘It’s a tiny world.’ Lydia said admist laughter.

‘A very tiny one Lydia. Anyway let me not interrupt your lunch. Can I have your number please.’

‘Do you even need to ask? 050*******. I will be waiting for your call. We have a lot to catch up on.’ Lydia answered, taking her seat in the process.

Naa punched Lydia’s number unto her phone and bid them farewell as she walked out of the restaurant.

‘Senam, now I think I understand why you are so up in God’s case. You are a pastor’s daughter.’ Lydia stated.

‘O Auntie Lydia, its honestly not that.’

‘I hear you o Pastor’s Daughter.’ Lydia replied breaking out into laughter. It was good to see Naa again. They had so much to catch up on.
***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana and Andrea were fighting. They hadn’t spoken to each other in three days and even though none wanted to concede defeat they both missed each other dearly . Nana refused to apologize to Andrea convincing himself it was her fault they fought in the first place. Andrea on the other hand, blamed Nana for causing such havoc to their budding relationship by keeping naked images of other ladies on his phone and telling them he loved them.

Nana blamed Andrea for not minding her own business and prying into his by infiltrating his phone.

By the fourth day, Andrea could no longer concentrate in class. She was upset their fight had taken this long to be settled. She decided to be the ‘fool’ and apologize so peace would reign.

She got home early from school, having voluntarily skipped extra classes by calling the driver and giving him a lame excuse of being ill.

While on her way home, she and the driver had passed by a food joint to buy jollof for Nana.

She met an empty house on arriving home and took that as an opportunity to freshen up.

About an hour later, she heard Nana enter the house and head to his room. Slowly she sat up in bed and snickered. She knew Nana would go take a shower immediately after coming back home because Abu had mentioned that he had left about 2 hours earlier with a basketball.

Andrea jumped out of her bed with her favourite T-shirt and rushed to Nana’s room.

Without knocking, she barged in and run to hug her brother tightly.

‘I am sorry.’ She said in between sobs.

‘Andrea I am all sweaty!’ Nana exclaimed.

‘It doesn’t matter, lets take a shower together.’ Andrea replied, trying to pull her brother in the direction of his bathroom.

Nana shook His head.

He knew what she wanted and how this whole shower would end up.

‘No Andrea.’ Nana stated refusing to budge.

‘I dunno how your mind works Andrea and what is causing all this but this….’ Nana pointed at Andrea and then at himself

‘This whole thing is very, very wrong. The quarrel or fight or whatever you would want to call it made me think Andrea. I have had sleepless nights just thinking of this…this….this whole thing!’ Nana threw his hands into the air out of frustration.

‘But .. You are just showing me love…I need love…’ Andrea began to sob.

‘No Andrea, this is wrong, what if you get pregnant? Have you paused to think about that? What if mum walks in on us. How would…’

‘No!Nooo! You don’t love me! I need love! I want to belong to someone, to something! Anything!’ Andrea wailed loudly. Her body shook violently from the force she expelled from crying.

‘Andrea please stop that.’ Nana muttered. He tried to hold her but she put up a fight. Nana held on tightly and pulled her to his chest.

‘I am sorry, please don’t cry. .Please stop.’

Maybe he had been too blunt and hard on her, Nana thought to himself. He needed to take care of her, to show her love.
To be continued….



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